Commercial Boat air conditioning Control Systems

System integration

The presence of different systems with different interfaces and operating units increases the likelihood of misunderstandings and incorrect use. Choose Dometic and these issues are a thing of the past. Anything that Dometic supplies can be integrated into a single well-organised and ‘consistent’ system. It is often also possible for other products to be incorporated into the centralised, clearly organised Dometic operating unit and software. Most settings can also be accessed using the special app (for iOS, Android and PC).


Dometic provides microprocessor-based, easy-to-use cabin controls for the precise monitoring and control of the temperature and humidity levels of interior spaces. The optional CAN Bus adapter allows remote control over multiple air handlers and evaporators – even self-contained air conditioners – via the ship-wide network.

  • Automatic humidity control
  • Cool-only, heat-only, and automatic modes plus multiple fan-speed control
  • Internal circuitry is resistant to corrosion
  • Optional CAN Bus adapter puts multiple cabin control on the vessel's network


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