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Commercial Boat Engine Room Equipment

Safety Systems

Engine room

In the engine room, which is generally housed deep inside the vessel, the supply and extraction of air are more important than practically anywhere else on board. The heat that is generated as a result of driving the vessel must be extracted, while fresh, preferably cool, air needs to be pumped back in.

The engine room is also often used to house other equipment that generate noise or heat, or both. This makes it all the more necessary to have a room that can ‘breathe’, in which air and insulation play an important role alongside safety.


Fresh drinking water is a necessity on any vessel. Fresh water tanks take up a great deal of space, and are also often a breeding ground for bacteria if left unused for extended periods.
For these applications, Dometic offers the complete watermaker range.
Watermakers are available as several different models. 

  • From seawater to freshwater
  • From freshwater to reverse osmosis
  • The 2-in-1 system combining both of the above in a single watermaker 

Outdoors, things like plants, wind, rain, storms and the sea constantly filter the air. In indoor spaces, this filtration is largely absent, except for some ventilation.  The Dometic Breathe Easy Air purifiers improve the air quality indoors and eliminate unwanted odours.
Dometic air purifiers are available in two configurations: built-in (in an air duct) or as an independent, portable unit.
The Breathe Easy air purifiers are based on an innovative photocatalytic nano-mesh technology and an intense ultraviolet light that produces no harmful ozone.

Ice machines

For specific applications, it is necessary to be able to produce ice (cubes) on board. The fishing industry, for example, must even have the means to produce relatively large quantities of ice.

Dometic has a wide range of solutions for this, and also provides tailor-made solutions according to requirements.


Safety is an important issue on board. Dometic has an extensive range of products to ensure safety on board.

In addition to its numerous high-quality ‘standalone’ products, such as smoke alarms, fire dampers and fans, Dometic also devotes a great deal of attention to the options for integrating the different components into a single all-inclusive, well-organised, and centrally controlled system. A wide range of sensors and switch boxes are available for this purpose, which enable the user to see all the key safety statuses at any time.


It’s our pleasure to give you more product information or advice for your specific needs.

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