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Accessories for Energy & Lighting


Accessories for portable coolboxes and fridges

No need to accept any restrictions in the use of your cooling box, even if you have a simple or older make. CoolPower accessories give you plenty of flexibility. You can run a 12-volt device from a 24-volt battery, or from a mains supply in your holiday home. You can also connect a clever device to prevent excessive battery drainage.

  • Protects the vehicle battery from excessive discharging
  • Switches the cooling box off at low battery voltage and on again at normal voltage
  • Ideal for older 12 V thermoelectric cooling devices with cigarette lighter socket as output
  • Integrated voltage monitor for universal 12V applications using a cigarette lighter socket
  • Quickly review the status indication via LEDs
  • Automatic cut-off in case of under voltage and cut-in at normal voltage
  • Optional accessory

  • For batteries up to 100 Ah, such as a caravan mover
  • Fast and gentle charging despite mains fluctuations
  • Can also be used as a mains supply unit
  • Prevents battery overcharging
  • Suitable for many types of batteries – wet, gel and AGM

  • Optimises the charging process depending on the ambient temperature
  • Prevents battery degassing problems at high ambient temperatures
  • Ensures full battery charge when temperatures are low

  • Detects flat or defective batteries connected to the battery charger
  • Measures the charge status to give you full control over the charging process
  • Warns you in good time to protect your equipment

  • Convenient operation with hand transmitter
  • Dimmer function for LED lamps and SMD flexi-strips
  • Terminal sockets for easy installation

  • Touch-button convenience
  • Battery charging by remote control
  • Sleep mode On/Off

  • Makes the inverter switch over to an external mains supply as soon as it is available
  • Saves precious battery power
  • Fully automatic switch-over, no need to check
  • For all Dometic SinePower inverters between 900 and 1800 watts
  • Economical voltage distribution in vehicles with two potential power sources
  • Ideal for use on a mains hook-up at the campsite or in the marina