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Dometic PerfectCharge DCDC 12
Voltage converter, 12 A, 24 V to 12 V

This inexpensive, ultra-compact converter was designed for running standard 12 V DC appliances on 24 V DC. It is a good choice if you want to connect a 12 V comfort gadget to the 24 V battery of your vehicle. For sensitive electronic devices, use a higher quality converter with electronically controlled output voltage.
  • Ultra-compact
  • Efficient
  • Easy to install with clip-on system : 9600000039 Visit support page + FAQ


Ultra-compact voltage converters in switch-mode design for operation of 12 volt appliances in 24 volt circuits. Inexpensive converters (PerfectPower DCDC 06 to DCDC 24) are often absolutely fine for running a 12 volt appliance on a 24 volt battery. Computers, monitors, measuring instruments and other sensitive appliances require a constant and stable voltage that compensates drops and peaks. The solution: voltage converters and charging converters with electrically isolated input and output voltage (PerfectPower DCDC 10 to DCDC 40 or PerfectCharge DC 08 to DC 40). The high-quality DC/DC converters can also be used for quick and gentle charging of supply batteries during the drive. PerfectCharge charging converters, given their enhanced output voltage of 14.2 volts, are the best choice for this purpose.
Dometic PerfectCharge DCDC 12
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    • Inexpensive and ultra-compact
    • High energy efficiency (up to 90 %)
    • Easy to install with clip-on system
    • Switch mode design for running 24 V DC devices on 12 V DC
    • Low heat output
    • Lightweight
    • e-approved (Automotive EMC Directive)

Run 12 V devices in 24 V vehicles

Do you have a "12 V only" cooling box or other comfort device, yet your vehicle only has a 24 V connection? That's no longer a problem. The Dometic PerfectPower DCDC 12 converter will easily make the connection suitable for your device. It comes with e-approved switch mode technology and is highly energy efficient. Compact, lightweight and fitted with practical clip-on mounts for easy installation in the vehicle. PerfectPower DCDC 12 generates a 12 A nominal and 18 A peak output current. Before you buy, please check if the amperage is adequate for the devices you want to run.


SKU number 9600000039 
Model DC 
Scope of delivery Converter 
Product Description Voltage converter, 12 A, 24 V to 12 V 
Dimensions product depth 128 mm
Dimensions product height 47 mm
Dimensions product width 106 mm
Net weight 0.5 kg
Input voltage (DC) 24 V
Output current 12 A
IP class IP20 
Current consumption - Standby mode 8 mA
Energy efficiency ≤90 %
Continuous power 25°C 170 W
Operating temperature min 0 °C
Operating temperature max 40 °C
EAN-13 4015704250435 
Dimensions parcel depth 107 mm
Dimensions parcel height 140 mm
Dimensions parcel width 57 mm
Parcel weight 0.68 kg
EU EC Declaration of Conformity
EU EC Declaration of Conformity