Mobile power

Dometic SinePower MSI 1824
Sine wave inverter, 1800 W, 24 V

This sine wave inverter turns 24 V battery power into pure 230 V AC voltage, like that of a home power socket. The device ensures a trouble-free mobile operation of 230 V appliances, including highly sensitive ones, such as coffee makers, laptops and microwave ovens.
  • 230 V AC Like at home
  • Fine for supplying sensitive devices
  • Quick and easy
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Buy smart, upgrade later!

SinePower inverters in the medium performance category (900, 1300 or 1800 watts) give you ample AC power at a good price. You can easily upgrade them with a mains priority circuit. This practical device automatically switches the inverter off as soon as your vehicle has access to an external mains supply, which saves precious battery power.
Buy smart, upgrade later!
Mains priority
Mains priority

Switches over to mains power as soon as it is available to protect the battery

Dometic SinePower MSI 1824
...and more
    • 230 V AC – like at home
    • Suitable for supplying sensitive devices
    • Quick and easy installation
    • Compact design – easy to store
    • 1800 W continuous output
    • 3200 W peak output
    • Suitable for demanding appliances with high starting currents

Mobile power for your home appliances

The Dometic SinePower MSI 1824 turns 24 V battery power into pure 230 V AC voltage, like that from a home power socket. It ensures the mobile operation of even highly sensitive appliances, such as espresso machines, microwave ovens, computers and DVD players. A unique quality feature of this Dometic sine wave inverter is the extraordinarily high peak output rating, allowing it to effortlessly supply devices with high start-up currents. Other benefits include simple installation and a compact design for easy storage.


SKU number 9600000009 
Model MSI 
Scope of delivery Sine Wave Inverter 
Product Description Sine wave inverter, 1800 W, 24 V 
Dimensions product depth 376 mm
Dimensions product height 94.3 mm
Dimensions product width 197.5 mm
Net weight 5.5 kg
Input voltage (DC) 24 V
Output voltage 230 V
Power consumption at standby 7 W
IP class IP20 
Current consumption - Zero load 1.1 A
Current consumption - Standby mode 300 mA
Energy efficiency ≤91 %
Continuous power 25°C 1800 W
Operating temperature min -20 °C
Operating temperature max 60 °C
EAN-13 4015704250138 
Dimensions parcel depth 465 mm
Dimensions parcel height 165 mm
Dimensions parcel width 272 mm
Parcel weight 6.5 kg
EU EC Declaration of Conformity
EU EC Declaration of Conformity