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Commercial Boat HVAC Systems

Heating – ventilation – air conditioning – cooling

You can relax when you leave your entire on-board air conditioning – in the broadest sense of the term – in the hands of the specialists at Dometic. We not only provide ventilation solutions, but also ensure a comfortable interior climate (heating and cooling) and the right conditions for precision equipment.

Dometic also supplies a wide range of superior-quality applications for specific purposes. Whether professional chilled transport, conditioned storage or equipment for producing large quantities of ice (in the fishing industry), all this is included in our standard product range.

The Dometic service also includes expertise and experience for specific Bespoke solutions. No technical challenge is too great for our specialists. They can create the optimum solution for any situation, using existing products, newly developed equipment or a combination of the two.

Air conditioning

Only a handful of people would find a constantly high (indoor) temperature comfortable. In any case, it causes you to tire more quickly and lose concentration. But with a Dometic air conditioning system, your head is not the only thing you keep cool.

Dometic supplies air conditioning systems for a wide range of professional applications. Dometic also supplies space-saving air conditioning units in a range of designs for the shipping industry. For installation in separate rooms but also for small service vessels, Dometic offers a DuraSea roof air conditioner for mounting on the puncture roof of the pilothouse or cabin. It is also possible to retrofit a complete air handler.

For commercial shipping, Dometic offers air conditioning in split-unit, self-contained and chiller systems. Dometic therefore has the optimum air conditioner or air conditioning system for any size of vessel.

Fresh air systems

Dometic fresh air systems supply all types of rooms with the right amount of fresh air. Special types of fans respond to air pressure, temperature or both. These systems have been specially developed to provide the crew with the necessary concentration of fresh, conditioned air.

Should a fire break out in the engine room, Dometic smoke and fire dampers seal it off in order to prevent toxic substances and smoke from spreading further while also extinguishing the fire. Available in aluminium or stainless steel. High levels of salt in humid air pose a risk to technical rooms: Dometic’s special dehumidifiers and drip trays absorb and catch the moisture, and remove it.

Dometic’s professional fans and blowers are fully equipped to provide many years of problem-free operation on board. Lightweight, rust-resistant and ultra-hardwearing.


Dometic supplies defrosters, heating elements for demisting windscreens, for any type of vessel, but especially for pilothouses and passenger cabins.

The range includes small elements with a single blower opening, and these are generally used in small pilothouses. Dometic also offers independently operating elements that are suitable for systems supplied with outflowing air with up to six rings. They are available with ventilation only or with ventilation plus heating as required. The units can be mounted in any position and therefore can fit easily into any empty space.


Dometic supplies a wide range of heating systems for yachts and ships. The heating systems use the latest generations of modular heat exchangers. The fully automatic stainless-steel boiler can be used with conventional fuels such as diesel and (domestic) fuel oil, but also with clean biofuel. They can be perfectly combined with a wide range of Dometic cooling systems.

EC room cooling

The electrical room is, in fact, the beating heart of a ship, in which the highest conceivable safety standards must be observed. Dometic supplies special cooling and air conditioning equipment for rooms in which fire and moisture prevention is of critical importance, such as the electrical room on a ship, and this equipment fulfils all requirements, including where IP coding is concerned (IEC 60529).


It’s our pleasure to give you more product information or advice for your specific needs.

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