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Dometic is organized into three geographical regions: Americas (North America, Latin America, the Caribbean), EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa) and APAC (Asia and Oceania) and divided into four major core business areas: RV (Recreational Vehicles), CPV (Commercial & Passenger Vehicles), Marine and Retail & Lodging.

Dometic operates 22 manufacturing and assembly sites in 11 countries with sales in approximately 100 countries.

From 2021 Dometic has a new organizational structure with the aim to develop and strengthen existing and well-positioned business areas while establishing a more focused environment, allowing new growth areas to receive the necessary management attention and fully dedicated resources to thrive and become sizable businesses. The new structure, which is also aimed at improved performance, comprises four segments, compared to three regions before: Segments Americas, EMEA, APAC and Global. 


Segments Americas, EMEA and APAC: 

  • Recreational vehicles (RV) 
  • Commercial and passenger vehicles (CPV) 
  • Outdoor 

Global Segment: 

  • Marine and Other global verticals. 
  • Other global verticals include: 
    – Residential 
    – Hospitality 
    – Mobile Deliveries 


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