Dometic’s Code of Conduct stipulate fair and ethical business practices built on international standards and regulations.

In reality this means that we work to ensure that Dometic in whatever market we operate our business is known for:

  • being a responsible employer and business partner. That our operations do not exploit anyone, directly or indirectly.
  • having business relations that are built on a long-term vision and healthy foundation and that we expect our suppliers and contractors to align with ethical principles that are similar to our Code of Conduct.
  • maintaining high ethical standards in line with our Code of Conduct in all our operations.

For Dometic it is not only about doing business in itself, but how we do business that is of importance. To ensure that we act in a sustainable way we have processes and follow up on everything from how we carry out our financial reporting in line with accepted accounting principles, that we pay taxes in the countries of operation, that we follow the principles for free enterprise and fair competition, to how we present and market our products in an accurate, factual and trustworthy way.

Our relations with business partners and customers are based on high standards that does not allow for any kind of corruption, fraudulent actions, facilitation payments or money laundering. Dometic is working from different angles to follow up on compliance through internal control as well as internal audit.


Our Sourcing and Supply Chain

Dometic’s products are to 85% produced in-house. We have a supply chain that with sustainability in mind is designed to efficiently optimize speed and cost.

Dometic has more than 3.000 suppliers in 35 countries. To ensure that they are aligned with our our principles for how we do business and what we want to stand for, we expect them to sign that they will work on the basis for our Code of Conduct.

This means that we expect our suppliers to comply with local laws and regulations. We also expect them to in line with Dometic’s Code of Conduct uphold our social, ethical, and environmental standards in conducting their businesses, including Human Rights and Employment, Health and Safety, Environment and Business Ethics. Our Procurement organization performs supplier audits annually on a rotating basis.