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Sink Fittings

Find taps and siphons to match your stainless steel sink

Sink Fittings
Complete the look of your beautiful stainless steel sink with taps and siphons to match. We have a wide range to please all tastes, from high-quality brass taps and lightweight plastic models, all with a sparkling chrome finish. Plus, easy-to-fit siphons for every imaginable plumbing layout – with straight, angled or double waste fittings.

  • Separate turning knobs for cold and hot water
  • High-quality brass material
  • Sparkling chrome finish
  • Maximum water pressure: 1.5 bar
  • Maximum water temperature: 65 °C

  • Effective flow
  • Straight waste fitting
  • Perfectly fits Dometic sinks

  • Made from long-lasting chrome plated brass
  • Easy to use with the spout on the left-hand side and handle on the right-hand side
  • Maximum water temperature of 75 °C
  • Maximum working pressure of 500 kPa
  • Suitable for most motorhomes, caravans and camper trailers

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