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Dometic Dolo Day3 Eos 0980 CleaningStow Final

Sinks and drainers with a beautiful glass lid

Washing up, cleaning the place – do it all with style! SNG series sinks and sink/drainer combinations are practical to use, easy to clean and a pleasure to look at. All products in this product family come with a beautiful, heat-resistant glass lid.
  • Heat-resistant safety glass lid providing more workspace when closed
  • Compact design with built-in dimensions (W x D): 405 x 355 mm
  • Robust stainless steel for long-life
  • Weight: 2.9 kg
  • With AC 540 siphon, rubber seal and hole for tap
  • Integrated heat-resistant safety glass lid offers extra workspace
  • Integrated waste tray
  • Low profile bench top rubber seal
  • Tap fitting inside
  • Supplied with hole for top [Ø 39 mm]
Rv Hammock Final

Hob/sink combinations with glass lids: cooking and washing up in small kitchens

If you want to save on space without compromising on quality, one of our hob/sink combinations is perfect for you. Made from stainless steel, they are easy to clean and long lasting too. HSG series hob/sink combos feature a heat resistant safety glass lid – or separate lids for the hob and sink. The practical glass cover gives you some extra workspace when folded down.
  • Detachable chromed pot grids
  • Enamelled burner caps
  • Includes fold down tap
  • Recessed controls
  • Safety ignition system
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VA series

Square and round sinks

VA series
These will make your mobile kitchen just perfect – the sink fittings are easy to use and sturdy enough to withstand any use.
  • Elegant square design
  • Comes with siphon and rubber seal
  • Taps purchased separately
  • Elegant square design
  • Comes with siphon and rubber seal
  • Includes a convenient integrated drainer
  • Taps available separately

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