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RV Toilets

The new Saneo ceramic toilet is patented design that ensures safety at all times

Sometimes all you need to know is that you are choosing a comfortable, clean and safe toilet. The new Saneo ceramic toilet is unrivalled in the conscientious design involved in ensuring your ultimate well-being is always protected. This new ceramic toilet has patented safety features. We care and we think about it, so that you don't have to

  • Scratch-resistant, very easy to clean ceramic inlay
  • Insens Touch Control Display
  • Ergonomically shaped, comfortable seat
  • Bowl can be adjusted up to 90° in both directions
  • Prepared for the SOG exhaust system

  • Optional accessory - spare cassette for Dometic Saneo toilets
  • Useful in case of emergencies
  • Small in size – easy to bring along

The premium quality 500 Series of gravity flush toilets install into a diverse range of boats

The 500 Series of gravity flush toilets are available in sparkling white or bone colour finish and provide the comforts of home with an elongated seat, anti-splash rim and deep bowl. A great series of toilets for boats that installs directly above a holding tank. The patented, water conserving flush mechanism creates an airtight seal and uses as little as 1 US pint/0.5 litre per foot-pedal flush.

  • Low-flush water consumption: less than one pint (0.10 gal./0.39 l) per flush
  • Pedal flush requires no electric power
  • Elongated enamelled wood seat and residential-style deep bowl for enhanced comfort
  • Proven in thousands of marine applications
  • Integral vacuum breaker protects water supply

  • This gravity drop toilet requires no electricity.
  • Efficient: the patented flush uses less than 0.5 l of water.
  • Robust by design, yet elegant in appearance with a high gloss china finish
  • Designed to be installed directly above a holding tank with an air tight seal
  • Available in sparkling white or bone colours
  • Includes a 1 year warranty
  • Integrated vacuum breaker protects the water supply

The 970 Series of portable toilets provide comfort, simplicity and the latest technology

When on the move, people wish for the comforts of home and the 970 Series of portable toilets provides just that. The powerful touch-button flush technology sets this toilet range miles apart from their competitors as no pumping or batteries are required. They are available in two sizes with an adult-sized seat comfortable beyond words.

  • High-strength ABS construction withstands harsh environments; smooth, easy-to-clean finish
  • Prismatic tank level indicator allows easy tank level monitoring
  • Push-button flush cleans bowl instantly
  • Less pump with a push button operation
  • Full-size seat for comfort; latching lid for security
  • Home comforts of an adult-sized seat
  • Available in white and grey or white and beige

  • High-strength ABS construction withstands harsh environments; smooth, easy-to-clean finish
  • Prismatic tank level indicator allows easy tank level monitoring
  • Push-button flush cleans bowl instantly
  • Full-size seat for comfort; latching lid for security

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Toilets for your RV

You often don’t realize what is important to you until it's not available. This is especially true for toilets. If you enjoy to travel long distances in your recreational vehicle, you will benefit greatly from an adequate RV toilet. If you do not already have one or need a replacement that suits your long-term needs, Dometic is here to help.

Not only those who journey into the unknown will want to have a cassette toilet in their RV. Even if you just travel from town to town, if you have small children on board or one of your passengers doesn’t feel well, an RV toilet might come in handy. The following guide reveals the most important factors to consider before buying your new toilet. You will then have the required knowledge to pick a model that matches your travel plans.

Why You Need an RV Toilet

No matter where your plans take you, everyone needs to use the restroom throughout the day. You have to stop at gas stations and rest areas if you don't have a toilet inside your RV, and doing so takes time away from your trip. If you have to use the restroom and are not near rest areas, you could find yourself in an uncomfortable situation. Having a caravan toilet makes your life that much easier, and you won't have to waste a trip into town.

Important Considerations

Get the most for each penny you spend on your next RV toilet by making sure to consider each detail beforehand. You must account for the size of your restroom so that you get a toilet of the proper size for your recreational vehicle. In addition, if you have group members with mobility concerns, opt for accessibility options.

Some of the toilets on the market come with a permanent waste tank, but others have a removable tank. Portable toilets are great for small RVs that don't need to accommodate a lot of people. If you have a large RV and want to bring plenty of friends and family along for the ride, get a toilet with a permanent tank.

Why You Should Get Your Next RV Toilet From Dometic

You have a lot of options when it comes to choosing your next RV equipment supplier. As you move forward, make sure you use a trusted name that has a reputation for quality. Dometic understands the needs of explorers and travelers like you.

We offer a range of RV toilets that are made to last, allowing you to have peace of mind on your next off-road adventure. Our dedication shows in each product of our inventory, and our toilets are no exception to the rule.

Placing Your Order

Our team is ready to meet your needs, and they are excited to serve you any way they can. Review the toilets in our collection with your goals in mind. You can then choose the perfect toilet without trouble, and you will know you are on the right path.

Reach out to us for more information today

High-quality RV toilets that withstand the test of time are what you get with Dometic. If you have any questions, contact our online support or find your nearest Dometic dealer to give you further advice.