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Compact living, great experience

Hitting the road is about the travel itself more than reaching a destination. You can escape the city over a weekend getaway or stay away longer, travelling across continents while working remotely. No matter where the road takes you – enjoy your journey, and let Dometic be your travel companion. Hundreds of products are here for you to discover, all designed to make compact living a great experience.

Shade & Shelter Set up in Seconds

Travelling in your camper gives you the privilege of being free to stop at the most beautiful places. Simply unwind your awning, get the table and chairs out, and enjoy unforgettable moments with your family and friends. Your Dometic awning provides shade and shelter against the elements. You can easily upgrade it into an extra living or sleeping room, complete with windows, doors, curtains, fly screens and lighting.

Stay comfortable in all weathers

The weather outdoors is beyond your control, but you can control the climate in your camper! Your FreshJet 2000 air conditioner creates pleasant temperatures and dehumidifies the air in the cabin. Simply set your preferred climate – and have a wonderful time no matter the weather! 

  • Ultra-compact, lightweight design – ideal for campervans
  • Cool, warm or dehumidify air at the touch of a button
  • Soft-start for reliable start-up at campsites with low electrical protection


When you stop focusing on fitting in to society, social status and having all the right stuff, you start to enjoy places you visit, views from your window and a good nights sleep. Add to that the people you meet and deeper talks and you will have a more interesting story to tell. See what these vanlifers think about mobile living.

Fresh and healthy food - anywhere

Relax and unwind after an active day in the great outdoors. Treat yourself to a well chilled drink. Cook what you like with fresh ingredients. Your portable fridge holds plenty of goodies for you to enjoy, while it takes up amazingly little space in your camper.

Super-cool holiday upgrade

Heading for your next adventure? Dometic’s new 10-series RV refrigerators give you boundless freedom. Their doors can be opened left or right, at any height and from every angle. If space is limited, one of our compact compressor fridges will gladly fill the gap your old one left behind.

Roam free without worries

Being on vacation means to leave everything behind. Have a great time with your family and friends, and roam free without worries. Enjoy your road trip in complete peace of mind, and let smart camera technology keep an eye on safety! Our compact brake light console camera can be installed with ease, without the need to drill a single hole into your camper. Its 150° wide-angle lens won’t miss a thing. That’s two things less to care about.

Easy, but not simple

Compact living does not mean you have to compromise on style. You’ve got a nice little stove, a well-stocked fridge, and even a sink. So you can easily prepare a delicious meal and enjoy a romantic dinner in a twosome.

Feeling at home

Having your own toilet on board makes you truly independent. You can avoid crowded campsites, pitch up out in the wild and enjoy the comforts of home wherever your adventures take you.