How should I store my awning?

Awnings are best stored opened out. When you’ve finished your vacation, air the awning fully to ensure it is fully dry before packing away. Store in a well-ventilated dry place, a wet/damp awning will develop mildew surprisingly quickly. Mildew can also form when an awning is pitched for long periods of time with poor ventilation.

If mildew has formed, we recommend the awning is cleaned with awning cleaner and Super Hydrophobic spray is applied to the material. These care items can be purchased from your supplying retailer or authorized repair centre.

Steel and aluminium poles should be stored in a well-ventilated dry place. If left wet/damp they could corrode resulting in permanent damage to the poles. To prevent corrosion, poles can be stored with a light coating of petroleum jelly to protect them. Ensure that this is completely removed before use.

When packing the awning away, zips should avoid contact with the windows when possible. Instructions on the best way to fold our awnings are included in the awning user guide.

Pegs should be cleaned and checked for damage before storage. The awning comes complete with general purpose pegs suitable for many sites, however there will be some instances where different pegs will be necessary.

If an awning is stored in a very cold location, under 0˚C, it is recommended that it is brought to a warmer temperature before use, particularly the window panels. If left very cold, the windows can split during setup.