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Compressor wine cooler with glass door, 29 bottles

This single-zone wine cooler is ideal for storing and ageing wine. The slim cabinet has room for 29 Bordeaux bottles behind a beautiful glass door and meets professional requirements: constant storage temperature throughout the cabinet, UV light filter, low energy consumption. Suitable for built-in and freestanding use.

6 499 kr
Art nr: 9600027042

Stores 29 bottles of wine at the ideal drinking temperature, which can be set at any value between +5 °C and +20 °C

Space-saving design easily fits into the counter or kitchenette

Elegant 2-layer glass door with UV light filter and stainless steel frame

Heat and Cool function quickly achieves and reliably maintains set temperature

Integrated air circulation system for homogenous temperature distribution

Suitable for built-in or freestanding use

Low energy consumption – complies with new ErP requirements (as from March 2021)

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Wine cellar with manual

Product Description

Compressor wine cooler with glass door, 29 bottles

Refrigeration technology


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Right hinged

Interior light

Yes, LED



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Wine Cellars Class B - Declaration of Conformity

Declarations of Conformity


Dometic B29G - Product Information Sheet (EN)

Product Information Sheet


Dometic B29G, B68G, B162S, B195S, C20G, C50G, C101G, C125G, E7FG, E16FG, E18FGB, E28FG, E40FGD, E45FG, E49FGB, E91FG, E115FG - Installation and Operating Manual EMEA16

Installation and Operating Manual


B29G - Product Data Sheet

Product Information Sheet

Effective front ventilation system

Effective front ventilation system

All Dometic wine refrigerators are fitted in the factory with an effective front ventilation system. The warm air coming from the compressor is flowing directly to the front ventilation grill where it's released outside – a unqiue benefit for built-in use.

An ideal climate for fine wines

An ideal climate for fine wines

Quality wine storage needs a well-balanced, stable humidity level. Values between 60 and 85 percent are considered ideal. If humidity levels are significantly lower, moisture evaporates through the cork. The cork dries out, becomes permeable and can no longer protect the wine from oxygen penetration. If humidity levels are too high, there is a risk that mold will form on the cork. If you want to store your wine for a longer period of time, be careful to provide an odorless environment and adequate ventilation. Gases and odors enter into the interior of a wine bottle through pores in the cork and can negatively impact the taste and bouquet of the wine. Dometic wine refrigerators provide perfect climatic conditions for wine storage and ageing. The high-end wine cabinets in the Design Range come standard with an active carbon filter for odor prevention and a water tank for maintaining a stable humidity level. Models lacking these features can be upgraded, if required.

Smart temperature control

Smart temperature control

It's rare for hotels, restaurants and private households to have the privilege of owning a traditional vaulted wine cellar. Fortunately, the climatic conditions can be recreated with the help of advanced technology. Dometic wine refrigerators are using a special Heat and Cool function to quickly achieve and reliably maintain the ideal storage temperature. Smart electronics adjust according to the target temperature and ambient air temperature by automatically warming or cooling the air.

UV filter keeps heat and sunlight out

UV filter keeps heat and sunlight out

It’s no coincidence that wines are almost always filled in tinted glass bottles: wines are extremely sensitive to light. UV rays significantly influence the ageing process of a wine. They lead to chemical reactions that result in a loss of aroma. Just a few weeks spent in a brightly lit room negatively impacts the taste as well as the bouquet of what was once a fine wine. Even more damaging than artificial light is direct sunlight, which also generates heat. This explains why all glass door wine refrigerators from Dometic are fitted with high-insulation, multi-layer special doors coated with a UV filter for maximum protection. To enhance the insulating effect, Argon gas is injected between the door's glass layers. Moreover, Dometic exclusively uses LED lights for its wine cabinets, because they generate the lowest possible level of heat.

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