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Dometic Büttner MT 110MC

Complete solar system, 1 x 110 W, multi-cell

This BLACK LINE complete system works with a powerful 110-watt glass module. A second, equivalent module can be retrofitted at any time. Thanks to modern multi-cell technology, the system delivers optimum energy yield in all weather conditions. Whether storm, hail or temperature fluctuations – you can always rely on this solar system.

8 699 kr
Art nr: 9620000180

Optimal energy yield in all weather conditions thanks to multi-cell technology (MC)

Highest reliability – even in the event of storms, hailstorms, and extreme temperature fluctuations

Ready-to-install complete system (including solar controller and complete installation accessories)

Special front glazing for optimal energy yield in unfavorable light conditions

Mechanical strength at wind speeds up to 225 km/h [139.8 mph]

Absolute fatigue strength – suitable for extreme applications (e.g., expeditions)

Waterproof junction box – no moisture penetrates even at high speeds

Dometic Büttner MT75 MC Slim, MT150-2 MC Slim, MT 80 MC, MT 160-2 MC, MT 110 MC, MT 220-2 MC, MT 130 MC, MT 260-2 MC, MT 170 MC, MT 340-2 MC - Installation and Operating Manual EMEA8

Installation and Operating Manual

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