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Dometic FreshJet FJX4 1700

Roof air conditioner, 1700 W, electronic controls

Modern looks, superior performance: This new-generation 1700 W roof air conditioner cools down your motorhome, caravan or campervan in record time – with minimal energy consumption, and superbly quietly too. The integrated CleanAir system keeps your vehicle smelling fresh and clean. Rest and relax in complete comfort after an adventure-filled day, and wake up to a new day full of energy!

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Product Highlights

Modern and fresh design
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Modern and fresh design

Aerodynamically shaped rooftop unit

CleanAir technology
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CleanAir technology

Effectively reduces bacteria and odors to keep your RV smelling fresh and clean

Dometic Climate App
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Dometic Climate App

Conveniently control your roof air conditioner from your smart phone

Modular design concept
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Modular design concept

Choose the Dometic FreshJet FJX ADBD, available separately, to suit your vehicle and meet your comfort needs

Integrated heating
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Integrated heating

Quick heat at the touch of a button

Sleep mode
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Sleep mode

Reduces fan speed to 80% to minimize operating noise

Superior cooling performance – the cabin is cooled down in record time

Quieter than other roof air conditioners available in the market

Superior energy efficiency – reduced power consumption

CleanAir air purifier system – keeps your RV smelling fresh and clean

Remote control included as standard

Smart connectivity options – compatible with Dometic smart phone app and premium wall thermostat

Air distribution box with touch control panel and integrated ambient light (to be ordered separately)

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Roof top unit

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Roof air conditioner, 1700 W, electronic controls, White

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Dometic FreshJet FJX4233M, FJX4233M, FJX4233EEH, FJX4333E(EH), FJX7333IHP, FJX7337IHP, FJX7457IHP - Short Operating Manual EMEA24-ar

Short Operating Manual


Dometic FreshJet FJX4233EEH, FJX4333E(EH), FJX7333IHP, FJX7337IHP, FJX7457IHP - Figures EMEA(zxx)



Dometic FreshJet FJX4233M, FJX4233M, FJX4233EEH, FJX4333E(EH), FJX7333IHP, FJX7337IHP, FJX7457IHP - Installation Manual EMEA16

Installation Manual


Dometic FreshJet FJX4233M, FJX4233M, FJX4233EEH, FJX4333E(EH), FJX7333IHP, FJX7337IHP, FJX7457IHP - Operating Manual EMEA16

Operating Manual

Dometic CleanAir air purifier

Dometic CleanAir air purifier

Our new air purification system uses advanced bipolar ionizer technology to keep your RV smelling fresh and clean while greatly reducing allergens, viruses, bacteria and pollutants. Ionizers purify air through several methods. First, they create positive and negative ions to help reduce pathogens, odors, and mold. Bacteria and virus cells are robbed of their life-sustaining hydrogen, reducing their number. Secondly, odors are reduced when they oxidize on contact with the charged ions. Last but not least, the positive and negative ions attach to the particles in the air. Their attractive forces make the particles big­ger. This in turn allows the standard dust filter of your air conditioning system to remove more particles from the air.

Dream complement for digital FJX models

Dream complement for digital FJX models

If you have decided on buying one of our electronic rooftop air conditioners, this elegant air distribution box is a must-have complement. Just add it to your purchase to enjoy all the benefits of our new FreshJet FJX generation! The low-profile unit generates a refreshing airflow to the front and back – efficiently and amazingly quietly. The nicely integrated touch control panel allows intuitive control of the temperature and blower level. Warm white ambience lights create a cozy atmosphere in the cabin. Dometic CleanAir technology ensures you can always breathe fresh and healthy air. The Dometic FreshJet FJX ADBD air distribution box fits all digital FreshJet FJX air conditioners (electronic FJX4 models and all FJX7 models). Please note that it has to be ordered separately.

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