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Dometic PerfectRoof PR 2000

Roof-mounted awning

Small, compact and easy on the wallet: the perfect roof mount for panel vans and small caravans.

10 699 kr
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Product Highlights

Patented easy lock
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Patented easy lock

For hassle-free and safe fastening of the support legs

Telescopic crank
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Telescopic crank

For operation of the very smooth running gear

Durable end caps
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Durable end caps

Proven material, lightweight and weatherproof

Quick and easy to set up and adjust by one person

Lightweight and compact – ideal choice for smaller RVs, at an ideal price

The patented Easy Lock Flipper system ensures it stays securely in position

Well-proven materials are both rust-proof and long-lasting

Awning cloth made from a tough vinyl material with transparent acrylic coating

Lengths from 2.65 m up to 4.0 m, with an extension up to 2.5 m

Plastic end caps

DoC Signed PR2000 PR2500 PR4500

Declarations of Conformity

Dometic PR2000, PR2500 - Operating Manual EMEA18

Operating Manual

Dometic PR2000, PR2500 - Installation Manual EMEA16

Installation Manual

DOC 20190118 PW1000 PW1100 PW1500 PR2000 PR2500

Declarations of Conformity

Amazingly light and compact

Amazingly light and compact

Its compact dimensions and lightweight make the Dometic PerfectRoof PR 2000 a perfect roof-mount solution for panel vans, smaller motorhomes and caravans. It even leaves room on the roof for other accessories (solar panels, etc.) Moreover, it comes at a price that puts everything else in the shade, and it still provides all important Dometic features, e.g. the seamless, high-quality awning cloth. Operation is with a telescopic crank; the support legs are neatly stored in the front rail and can be easily folded out by a spring lock. A wide choice of adapters helps to make the awning fit on nearly all types of vehicles.

Flattest roof awning on the market!

Flattest roof awning on the market!

Being the flattest roof awning in the market, the Dometic PerfectRoof PR 2000 makes an ideal roof mount solution for panel vans, smaller motorhomes and caravans. The awning cloth is made from hard-wearing vinyl material with a transparent acrylic coating. This roof mounted awning provides all important features such as the support legs that are easily folded in and out of the front bar, durable plastic end caps in an optimized design to make it more lightweight and compact than any other roof awning on the market. The PR 2000 roof mounted awning provides the best shade solution for you and your family when you are out enjoying the great outdoors.

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