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Dame Category Winner
Dometic wins two DAME design awards at METSTRADE 2021
Amsterdam – November 17, 2021 Dometic’s two new innovations were recognized by the jury of the world-renowned DAME Design Awards at its 30th anniversary competition. The Dometic Voyager TX series air-conditioning system was named category winner, while the Dometic Gravity Toilet received a “Special Mention” by the jury at 2021 METSTRADE event in Amsterdam, Netherland.
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Dometic acquires NDS Energy
Stockholm, Sweden – November 11, 2021. On November 11, 2021, Dometic entered into an agreement to acquire NDS Energy – a provider of Mobile Power Solutions for the outdoor market based in Italy.
Dometic introduces new recycled material to design products for sustainability
Dometic introduces new recycled material to design products for sustainability
Stockholm, Sweden 7/10 2021, Dometic is taking an active role in promoting new materials for sustainability. To offer its environmentally-conscious customers lower impact choices, Dometic has introduced the new material REDUX. This lightweight polyester, made from 100% recycled plastic bottles with Global Recycled Standard certification, will be used in a wide range of new products.
Dometic acquires Igloo with more than USD 400 million in annual revenues
Dometic acquires Igloo with more than USD 400 million in annual revenues
Stockholm, Sweden – September 17, 2021 On September 17, 2021, Dometic entered into an agreement to acquire Igloo – one of the world’s leading companies in passive cooling boxes and drinkware.
Dometic acquires Cadac International
On September 16, 2021, Dometic entered into an agreement to acquire Cadac International – a provider of premium barbecues and accessories to the vehicle based outdoor market.
Dometic introduces new rooftop tents for passenger cars to Europe
Dusseldorf, Germany – August 28, 2021 After successful market introduction in the Pacific, Dometic brings their new rooftop tent designed for passenger cars to the European markets. The Dometic TRT120E can be set up in a matter of minutes thanks to its 12V powered operation and remote control (included) and creates secure and peaceful nights at any destination.
Dometic launches custom-fit window blinds for latest Fiat Ducato models
Dusseldorf – August 28, 2021 In conjunction to production start of the new Fiat Ducato Series 8, Dometic introduces elegant, neatly integrated solutions that fits the new campervan model like a custom-made suit. The well-engineered material not only keeps sunrays and curious eyes out, it also ensures excellent thermal insulation against heat or cold.
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Dometic launches unique combo heater
Dusseldorf, Germany – August 28, 2021 At this year’s Caravan Salon, one of the largest RV show in the world, Dometic introduces a novel solution to the market by combining the cabin heater and hot water supply into one unit. The Dometic CH Combo Heater series provides both cabin heating and warm water supply in a super-fast and energy-saving way and comes with multiple smart control options for ultimate convenience.
Innovation Vechicle
Dometic unveils novelty products planned to be launched in 2022 at Caravan Salon
Düsseldorf, Germany – August 28, 2021 Dometic will showcase next season’s novelty at Caravan Salon, the largest RV event in the world. The popular exhibition of Dometic’s Innovation vehicle, a transparent vehicle, has been equipped with new products to be launched in 2022 as well as future concepts of mobile living solutions to showcase exciting innovations in real-life installations at the show.
Dometic Introduces Innovative Handwave Toilet Control Switch
Stockholm, Sweden July 21, 2021. Dometic to introduce the new Handwave toilet control switch, an innovative contactless toilet flush switch with a capacitive touch control display, helping boaters improve and maintain hygiene and sanitation levels whilst at sea.