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Dometic unveils novelty products planned to be launched in 2022 at Caravan Salon

Düsseldorf, Germany – August 28, 2021 Dometic will showcase next season’s novelty at Caravan Salon, the largest RV event in the world. The popular exhibition of Dometic’s Innovation vehicle, a transparent vehicle, has been equipped with new products to be launched in 2022 as well as future concepts of mobile living solutions to showcase exciting innovations in real-life installations at the show.

To showcase Dometic’s many different solutions and wide range of portfolio in an easy-to-grasp presentation, Dometic created an exhibition platform made with transparent materials in the form of a vehicle, the Dometic Innovation Vehicle.

Innovation Vehicle - Dometic Caravan Salon 2021

For Caravan Salon 2021, Dometic equipped the Innovation Vehicle with under-development products planned to be launched in 2022 as well as exciting future concepts and innovations. This means that the visitors at this year’s show will be able to take a sneak peek of innovative next season’s products.

Novelties for 2022 in the Vehicle

Next generation modular kitchen

Dometic will showcase the upcoming kitchen products with stylish designs and new features like a gas-on-glass cooktop. The series is built on modular concept which brings great flexibility for designers and owners alike. In the modular kitchen, it is easy to combine, mix, swap and make own installation in a harmonious style.

New portfolio includes:

  • Stainless steel cooktops and combinations with new Dometic design
  • Gas-On-Glass cooktops features aesthetics and offer a cook-like-at-home feeling.
  • Sinks for versatile installation with smart accessories choice.

Full climate solution

A single console will identify if the space needs heating, cooling, ventilation or combination of the three. The Dometic Full Climate Solution will take care of all necessary settings by automatically turning on and off the connected heater, air-conditioner unit and ventilations.

The demonstration will show the benefit of connecting all climate solutions into one for the best climate inside. The products include a new air-conditioner unit, combo heater and ventilation system - all connected with Dometic Interact – smart IoT solution.

Both new generation modular kitchen and full climate solution will be introduced to the market in 2022.

Future concepts

In addition to under development products, Dometic showcases future visions of Mobile Living in the Innovation Vehicle.

Dometic’s flagship RV refrigerator 10 series is equipped with a camera inside and a screen on the front door. What benefit this camera brings? To manage stock level, users can check the inside without opening the door – which will save energy by limiting exposure to outside temperature at minimum, for example.

There are also new window covering solutions with motors for easy operation. Just like a smart home, the solution with IoT technology will enable remote operation. No need for users to be in the vehicle physically to adjust the windows. They can control inside climate even when they are in a location far away from the vehicle.

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