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Dometic wine refrigerators have proven their worth in bars, restaurants and hotels as well as in offices and private households. They meet the highest demands on quality and design and are available in numerous sizes and versions. All wine refrigerators are supplied fully equipped, including the shelves and all essential accessories.

Design range

The elegant Design Range wine cabinets come with frameless glass doors and dual temperature zones, in capacities ranging from 7 to 115 Bordeaux bottles. Extra-slim for confined spaces, with side-by-side double door, in IKEA dimensions, or with a built-in column for easy integration – there’s a perfectly matching wine refrigerator for every restaurant, bar or kitchen layout.

Add elegance to your kitchen

Enjoy a glass of wine at home just like you would at your favourite wine bar or restaurant – chilled to perfection. Dometic wine cabinets and refrigerators provide precise and reliable cooling performance, including dual-zone cooling for convenient storage of different types of wine in the same wine cooler. The built-in design and frameless glass door add style and elegance to any kitchen.

Classic range

Featuring advanced Heat and Cool technology and a smart front ventilation system, Classic Range wine refrigerators help to quickly achieve and reliably keep the set temperature throughout the cabinet. Capacities range from 20 to 125 Bordeaux bottles. All models come with a white LED side light, the larger ones with an energy-saving 3-layer glass door.

Make space for memories

A special wine brought home from a trip abroad, when opened, can take you on a trip down memory lane. Wine is meant to be appreciated by all the senses, so it makes sense to keep your collection ready to be enjoyed at any moment - just how you enjoyed it before. With a Dometic wine refrigerator located in the centre of your entertaining space, hosts and guests can serve themselves with easy access and enjoy the occasion together.

Essential range

Our Essential Range offers great value for those ready to make space for a better and more social beverage experience at home. Choose between space-efficient versions with stylish glass doors and full-height wine cabinets with solid doors. All Essential Range models come with a white LED top-light. Capacities range from 29 to 195 Bordeaux bottles.

Exceptional wining & dining

Wine connoisseurs, gourmets and restauranteurs all agree: For a wine to unfold its full bouquet and flavour, both storage conditions and the serving temperature must be right. It has been our job for decades to make sure they are. As specialists in mobile refrigeration and climate control, we have created a comprehensive wine refrigerator range with accessories for keeping wines at their optimum temperature.

Accessorize your wine experience

Dometic wine refrigerators are supplied fully equipped with shelves and all essential accessories. Even so, you may want to add an extra shelf or service rack, replace a filter, or buy a fresh set of labels to identify your wines.

Kitchen installation

The kitchen is the heart of the home, it is the meeting point for family and friends, a place we cook, work, talk, play, laugh – and of course, drink. Dometic built-in wine refrigerators add sophistication to any kitchen ambience with their frameless glass door and the brightly illuminated interiors. Simply set the two refrigerator zones to the recommended serving temperatures for your favourite wines and serve directly from the wine cabinet.

Which Dometic wine cooler suits me best?

Storing red and white wines at the optimal serving temperature in one and the same cabinet? It’s possible with our dual-zone built-in wine cabinets! The elegant glass door refrigerators nicely blend in with the surrounding furniture. A must-have for passionate wine lovers and ambitious hosts – and a nice way to create a holiday atmosphere at home.

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