Ice Chests

If you are planning a shorter trip – perhaps just a few days – we recommend you check out our passive (non-powered) cool boxes. Equipped with extremely effective insulation, these portable ice chests will keep your groceries, fish, bait, wild game and other perishables fresh for several days – depen...
Ice chests
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Iceboxes with a sense of adventure

Cool-Ice CI

Ice-boxes in heavy duty design

Cool-Ice WCI

The tough Cool-Ice icebox that keeps food and drinks chilled when temperatures soar


The ultimate coolers for outdoor adventures

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Find the best ice box for your needs!

If you don’t know which ice box will best fit your needs, or if you are unsure why you should invest more money in a roto-moulded cooler instead of a basic plastic passive cooler – read on! There are a lot of things to consider before investing in a portable coolbox and we will teach you everything there is to know about the ultimate coolboxes before you purchase your ice box.

Portable coolbox for fishing or shooting

We know that having a passion for fishing and shooting and spending time in the outdoors is often linked to spending quality time with your family and friends. Our almost indestructible outdoor coolboxes are built to withstand the most extreme environments, and if you will be away for long periods of time, then the best ice and passive coolbox is a roto-moulded coolbox. With specially designed modular accessories, roto-moulded coolboxes can make your adventure easier and let you focus on catching the biggest fish rather than worrying about keeping your ice frozen. These high-end ice boxes and passive coolboxes are innovated to make your fishing and shooting trip easier, with outdoor coolbox accessories including a seat cushion, as well as accessories to hold your fishing rod or drink. Stay focused while we keep your ice frozen!

The ultimate outdoor coolboxes

Experiencing high outside temperatures, uneven terrain, dust and mud? Our insulated outdoor coolboxes take tough conditions in their stride. The ice boxes are equipped with extremely effective heavy-duty insulation, and once the cool packs or ice cubes have been placed inside, they will keep groceries, fish, bait and wild game fresh. Depending on use and weather conditions, the ice will last for several days at a time! Every single detail of our ice boxes is designed to perform reliably in the toughest conditions.

What is the difference between an icebox and a roto-moulded coolbox?

A roto-moulded coolbox is a recognised manufacturing process which produces premium and high-end insulated portable coolboxes. While a simpler ice and passive coolbox can keep ice for a couple of hours, the roto-moulded coolboxes can keep ice frozen for days! The roto-moulded coolboxes are the perfect portable coolboxes for those who want the best of the best, you will have the coolest drinks on your off-grid camping trip and what’s more important than that? You will have a premium ice and passive coolbox that will accompany you for years thanks to its premium, first-class quality!

Best rated portable coolboxes – read this!

As you may have noticed, we think the “best coolers” are rotationally moulded coolers. This is because of the superior insulation the roto-moulding technology provides. The portable fridges come in various sizes and will provide you with days of frozen ice. An insulation box minimises the amount of air going into the coolbox, allowing this sort of portable coolbox to stay cold for a long time. The hard cool boxes are equipped with extremely effective insulation, and once the cool packs or ice cubes have been placed inside, they will keep groceries, fish, bait and wild game fresh.

Keep ice frozen for days!

Be ready for any and every outdoor adventure! Hard coolboxes are built for any mission that comes their way! Great insulation and a rugged roto-moulded construction ensure an optimal performance on adventures. Our coolboxes are in it for the long haul!

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