Mechanical Steering

Innovating the most advanced mechanical steering, Dometic SeaStar Mechanical Steering components are engineered with precision to perform effortlessly. Feel the superior driving performance from the best mechanical steering system on the market. Our system and components are American-built and fit a...

Durable and Reliable

Mechanical steering systems rely on a push-pull cable to do the work of moving the engine or rudder. The efficiency of the system depends on the efficiency of the cable. To ensure the most efficient systems, Dometic SeaStar mechanical steering systems are offered in both single and dual cable systems.


Mechanical steering systems typically come with 90 mounting hardware for the helm. 20 mounting hardware is available as an additional option as well as 10 and 20 wedge kits.

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Dometic SeaStar mechanical helms are offered in three options: standard, tilt and Xtreme. Dometic offers a variety of mounting options to accommodate nearly every application, providing the utmost comfort. 

Steering Accessories

Dometic SeaStar mechanical steering accessories offer a wide variety of add-on components and kits. Mechanical steering accessories can be paired with Dometic SeaStar mechanical steering systems, cables and controls.

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Steering Cables

Dometic SeaStar steering cables are designed with a Rotary, Rack and Pinion, Jet boat or Xtreme design to fit a variety of helm space and application requirements. All Dometic SeaStar steering cables exceed ABYC safety standards and ISO/IMCI/NMMA certification requirements.

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Steering Kits

Dometic SeaStar mechanical steering kits offer simple installation and a fixed number of turns lock-to-lock. For more comfort and control, No Feed Back (NFB) steering is recommended for all non-power assisted outboards.

Steering Wheels

Put the finishing touch on any boat with a Dometic SeaStar steering wheel. All steering wheels feature beautiful, high-detail and rugged style with a logoed centre medallion or cap. Dometic SeaStar steering wheels are constructed from UV and corrosion resistant materials, specifically for marine use.

Tilt Mechanism

Dometic SeaStar mechanical tilt steering mechanisms are offered in both sport and sport plus. With unsurpassed performance and flexibility, these tilt mechanisms are perfect for all application and boat types.