Dometic Hospital 0475 Final V2

Medical fridge

Medical fridge

Health Care - Silent absorption cooling or powerful compressor cooling!

This Dometic Silencio HC (Health Care) refrigerator is the perfect solution for hospitals and health centres seeking to keep heat-sensitive medicines between +2 °C and +8 °C. Integrated fan for constant temperature and audible warning is available if the door is left open for 20 s

  • Features an audible warning system if the door is open for more than 20 s?
  • The door has a lock for secure storage
  • Integrated fan for reliably constant temperature
  • Storage volume 52 l
  • Keeps heat sensitive medicine between 2 °C and 8° C
  • Drawers with flexible compartments for organised storage

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Keeping medicines, blood, and other medical supplies at the right temperature is crucial for medical safety. Improperly stored items could become contaminated, which could lead to disastrous consequences if those items were to be used in any treatment. Therefore, high-quality, reliable refrigerators are 100-percent necessities in any clinic or hospital.

Characteristics of Top-Grade Medical Refrigerators

Many medicines are temperature sensitive and must be kept between 2 C and 8 C, which translates to 35.6 F and 46.4 F. Dometic refrigerators come with a handy external temperature gauge so that medical professionals can check the temperature without opening the door.

Speaking of opening the door, all of Dometic's medical coolers come with an alarm that goes off if the door is accidentally left open for 20 or more seconds. In this way, the refrigerator helps medical staff protect the medicines and supplies inside even if they are distracted in the busiest times. Many medical supplies count as controlled or dangerous substances and must be kept secure. For this reason, Dometic provides medical coolers with locks.

Energy-Efficient Medication Refrigerators

All Dometic's products are energy-efficient whether they use compressors or absorption technology. All are also virtually noiseless. Most everyone is familiar with refrigeration compressors, but not everyone has encountered an absorption refrigerator. Absorption technology in medication refrigerators is essentially the same as a heat pump in home HVAC. Waste heat from an external source is the energy that drives the refrigeration.

In large facilities, the waste heat is usually from water pumps or gas turbines. That is extremely efficient because the energy can be used for heating, water temperature control, and the cooling of the refrigerators. For this reason, absorption refrigerators are quite popular in the medical field.

More Features of Dometic’s Medical Refrigerators

Dometic provides units of varying sizes from 20-liter to 52-liter. All are right-hinged. The drawers slide easily, and most have transparent panels for easy viewing of the contents. The bottoms of the drawers have holes in them to facilitate easy airflow for even cooling, the dividers are flexible for better organization.

Our medical refrigerators have easy-open doors with ergonomically contoured handles. Energy efficiency is increased by using of long-lasting LED lights. Dometic's refrigerators meet all the requirements of clinics, hospitals, and trauma centers all over the world, and with 100 years of success behind them, you can count on them.

Why Do You Need Dometic's Refrigerators?

Dometic is famous the world over for the workmanship, performance, and cost-effectiveness of its products. Medical professionals in more than 100 countries count on these medication refrigerators. The innovation behind their industry-leading design not only fulfills the devices' primary mission but also leads to long-lasting efficiency.

As a matter of fact, 2019 marks our 100th year of operation, and we've been dedicated to sensational quality ever since. Even Einstein approved of our technology back in 1923. Therfore, you can count on the efficacy and durability of our products.