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Laboratory Fridge

Medicine cabinets with silent absorption cooling (DS series) or powerful compressor technology (HC series)
Laboratory Fridge

Health Care - Silent absorption cooling or powerful compressor cooling!

This Dometic Silencio HC (Health Care) refrigerator is the perfect solution for hospitals and health centres seeking to keep heat-sensitive medicines between +2 °C and +8 °C. Integrated fan for constant temperature and audible warning is available if the door is left open for 20 s

  • Features an audible warning system if the door is open for more than 20 s?
  • The door has a lock for secure storage
  • Integrated fan for reliably constant temperature
  • Storage volume 52 l
  • Keeps heat sensitive medicine between 2 °C and 8° C
  • Drawers with flexible compartments for organised storage

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Live disease cultures, viruses, blood samples, and other organic materials are often perfectly harmless at certain temperatures but dangerous, or even deadly, at others. For this reason, it's crucial to have a first-rat e refrigerator available to keep laboratory workers safe.

Why There Is a Need for Laboratory Refrigerators

In theory, you could just store biological samples in household or even commercial refrigerators. But not only do they often lack of exact temperature controls, they usually also don't have backup systems to keep the samples safe in the event of a power failure. When dealing with infectious diseases and their vaccines, this can have catastrophic results, which is why all of Dometic's laboratory refrigerators will run for up to 12 hours on the power from the internal battery.

Keep Everything Under Control

A laboratory refrigerator, along with its cousins the vaccine refrigerator and the pharmacy refrigerator, has to maintain a temperature between 2 C (35.6 F) and 8 C (46.4 F). Dometic's refrigerators have clearly read gauges and controls on the exterior, which assure you of the adequate storage temperature at all times.

Eliminate Operating Errors

Ideally, laboratory refrigerators should be completely noiseless, to create fewer distractions among laboratory staff. There is of course an exception to that rule: Quality laboratory refrigerators are programmed to issue a warning sound about being left open. All of Dometic's models do just that if the door is ajar for 20 seconds or more.

Prevent Harm

Strong and reliable locks are another necessary feature for any medical refrigerator. Medicines, drugs and other potentially harmful items must be secured to prevent abuse or outbreaks.

Safe Energy and Money

Dometic's laboratory refrigerators are well-known for their excellent energy efficiency. For example, our absorption models even use heat to cool. That may seem like an oxymoron, but it's actually a great way for your facility to take waste heat from water pumps, gas turbines, or other large-scale items of building infrastructure and use them to cool the various refrigerators.

The Importance of Adequate Ventilation

Laboratory refrigerators should also have adequate ventilation above, below, and to the sides. Improper ventilation could lead to incorrect temperature control, which would make the refrigerator as ineffective as a household icebox at keeping the contents cool.

Inside Your Laboratory Refrigerator

Drawers are preferable in laboratory refrigerators because they can keep samples discrete from each other, thus preventing cross contamination. Our drawers come with flexible compartments to make organizing and cataloging easier. Their transparent fronts provide convenient handling and minimal loss of refrigeration when opening, which again helps with optimal temperature control and adds to the energy efficiency of your laboratory fridge .