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Accessories for Energy & Lighting

T series

Generators: 230 V – anytime, anywhere

T series
Do you feel most relaxed when you’re far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life? Leave it all behind, and take a Traveller generator along with you on your travels. It allows you to run your air conditioner, tools and home gadgets wherever you are, even when no mains supply is available. Select the model that matches your power needs, and add a little extra capacity.


Speed and accuracy are the hallmarks of the new 12-volt premium chargers in the Dometic PerfectCharge MCP series. In addition to charging, they can also be used for power supply jobs in the workshop. Designed for convenient one-button operation, they feature a microprocessor controlled, 8-step charging curve that even gives heavy-duty start-stop batteries an optimal charge. A practical wall cradle holding the charger, the cables and up to four battery indicators keeps the compact gadgets ready to hand. The delivery kit also includes a 12-volt cable which can be used to recharge flagging batteries from the cigarette lighter socket, a cable with battery terminals and a cable with cable terminal lugs.

Accessories for portable coolboxes and fridges

No need to accept any restrictions in the use of your cooling box, even if you have a simple or older make. CoolPower accessories give you plenty of flexibility. You can run a 12-volt device from a 24-volt battery, or from a mains supply in your holiday home. You can also connect a clever device to prevent excessive battery drainage.
  • For batteries up to 100 Ah, such as a caravan mover
  • Fast and gentle charging despite mains fluctuations
  • Can also be used as a mains supply unit
  • Prevents battery overcharging
  • Suitable for many types of batteries – wet, gel and AGM
Cable Sets

For trailers and tractor-trailers

Cable Sets
  • Optimises the charging process depending on the ambient temperature
  • Prevents battery degassing problems at high ambient temperatures
  • Ensures full battery charge when temperatures are low
  • Detects flat or defective batteries connected to the battery charger
  • Measures the charge status to give you full control over the charging process
  • Warns you in good time to protect your equipment
  • Touch-button convenience
  • Battery charging by remote control
  • Sleep mode On/Off
  • Makes the inverter switch over to an external mains supply as soon as it is available
  • Saves precious battery power
  • Fully automatic switch-over, no need to check
  • For all Dometic SinePower inverters between 900 and 1800 watts
  • Economical voltage distribution in vehicles with two potential power sources
  • Ideal for use on a mains hook-up at the campsite or in the marina