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Eline de Vries is on a mission to spread awareness about the mobile lifestyles of long haul truckers and to discover what drives truckers to keep on trucking all over the world.

Born and raised in The Netherlands, Eline de Vries is passionate about everything with more than four wheels. Heavy trucks, the behemoths of the highway, went from a curiosity to a hobby, and have finally turned into a full time job for this driving enthusiast. Eline’s interest in trucks extends to the people who drive them, the culture of the long haul lifestyle, and mobile living done right. 

In 2012, Eline visited the Volvo museum in Gothenburg, Sweden. There, she climbed into the driver’s seat of one of the trucks and got her first taste of sitting high off the ground surrounded by the powerful vehicle. Sitting behind the steering wheel of the big truck, Eline knew right away that this was her calling. 

A year later, de Vries had her first truck driving lesson. Despite being an expert driver, it was a whole new adventure  getting used to the double clutch and learning how to gauge the size of the truck and its position on the road. She learned to think about the weight and distribution of the load and how the cargo could affect drivability, all of which were brand new concepts.  

After that lesson, Eline began working on achieving her Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV) driver’s license. She documented her journey and her experiences with the automotive industry, showcasing and reviewing the trucks she handled along the way. In 2014, she achieved the HGV licence and proved her professional competence behind the wheel of the big rigs. 

Each time she climbed into the driver’s seat of a truck she felt  adrenaline flow through her veins. She quickly realized that she could no longer stay at her 9 to 5 job. It was then that she quit her job in the insurance industry and #ITSMYDRIVE was born. 

#ITSMYDRIVE is Eline’s brand and her mission to learn about the lifestyle, industry, and personality of the trucking world. She had to learn about the industry from the ground up. On the way, she has been able to dispel myths about trucking culture and meet many kind people on her journeys. Through her work, Eline inspires and motivates others in the industry and her motto is, “Find out what drives you, discover your path and enjoy the ride!” 

When it comes to life on the road, comfort and safety are key. This means smart space solutions so that drivers have room for food, comfort, and plenty of rest and taking extra steps to make sure that healthy practices are always observed. For Eline, this means traveling with the Dometic Coolfreeze CFX, a portable refrigerator/freezer that can keep food fresh, cool, and dry for the long haul. This means Eline can skip the junk food that is readily available at gas stations and truck stops and have a whole supply of healthy snacks to keep her full and happy along the way. With the Dometic PLB40 Portable Lithium Battery, a compact but powerful battery that charges whenever the truck is moving, the refrigerator never loses power and Eline can charge her devices or even use her Dometic microwave of the Dometic PERFECT COFFEE MC 054 Coffee Maker.  
The truck isn’t just for driving but also doubles as a living space on the road. Creature comforts like the DOMETIC 972 Portable Toilet is a space saving but powerful necessity to avoid the need to rely on public facilities. When you call a small space home, even for only part of the time, air flow and cabin temperature can make or break the trip. Eline’s roof mounted air conditioner (SPX1200) can keep her cool in temperatures up to 52°C and keeps a super slim profile so it doesn’t reduce the valuable head space in the cabin.   

Being a trucker in the industry means long stretches on the road and down time for loading and unloading that must be spent wisely by resting, stretching, and getting in some exercise in between driving sessions. Having the right supplies helps Eline prepare for her journey and means more time to ensure she is healthy and happy in her travels. Freedom and control are important to drivers who must be alert in order to handle the powerful machines they operate. The power to be well fed and well rested is #mobilelivingmadeeasy. 
Eline de Vries has much more to explore! With #ITSMYDRIVE, she aims to share her experiences in the trucking industry and showcase the many amazing characters she meets on the open road. She wants to change the stereotypes about truckers and teach others to admire and respect the biggest vehicles on the road and the people who operate them. This means lots of international travel in Eline’s future! 
Follow Eline’s journey on Instagram or visit her website at for more of her amazing story, #ITSMYDRIVE inspiration and merchandise, and articles about trucks, truckers, and travels! 

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