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Optimus Adaptive Trim Tab System

Dometic Optimus adaptive trim tabs are there to ensure reliability and comfort, while standing up to the rigors of life on the water. With Hole Shot mode enabled, the tabs fully extend at takeoff to efficiently get the boat on plane. Tabs move to favorite position once the set RPM or speed are achieved for an optimum ride performance.

Intuitive control

  • Built-in power electronics, position sensing, and CAN communication
  • Rugged and stylish housing
  • Planetary gearbox and inverted lead-screw design provides ultra-efficient and reliable high load transfer and quiet operation

Smart integration

  • Integrated with Optimus Joystick and Optimus EPS systems
  • With Hole Shot mode enabled, tabs automatically adjust at takeoff to get boat on plane efficiently
  • Tabs automatically fully retract for safety and control when throttle goes into reverse or Joystick Mode is enabled


  • Design reduces complexity and increases reliability
  • Heavy duty 12 GA 304 stainless steel plate, electro polished
  • Robust tab performance bolstered by marine grade fasteners and stainless steel hinges

Adaptive Controller

  • Multi-color LEDs indicate power and status of trim tab system with adjustable brightness
  • Automatically learns and moves your tabs to your favorite tab position during cruising
  • Automatic Hole Shot feature helps to plane the boat faster and limit bow rise

Get the ultimate boating experience with a truly connected boat where trim tabs receive inputs from joystick and engine control. 

Adaptive Trim Tab System

Optimize the performance of your boat with the Adaptive Trim Tab System. Featuring position feedback and complete integration with on-board shift and throttle systems, get your boat on plane quickly and efficiently. Easy to use, the system has an intuitive dial controller with one touch buttons and is fully programmable. While an innovative, rugged design and auto-retract feature, ensure reliability and safety on the water, whatever the conditions.

Intelligent design

  • Sealed and potted wiring and electronics
  • Scratch resistant ground and chromed solid actuation shaft
  • Thrust bearings fore and aft provide efficient, high load capability in extension and retraction

Third party integration

  • System setup can be done intuitively with adaptive dial controller or CANtrak display
  • Hole shot mode enables full tab extension at takeoff and adjustment to get the boat on plane quickly
  • Optimum ride performance with tabs moving to favorite position once set RPM is achieved

Increased reliability

  • All-electric design reduces complexity
  • Kits contain marine grade stainless steel 316 fasteners
  • Heavy duty 14 GA stainless steel hinge to ensure robust performance

LED Dial controller

  • Accurately indicates trim tab positions
  • Program your favorite position manually, and push button to quickly move the boat to the preferred position
  • Adjustable pitch and roll control sensitivity

Experience superior intuitive control with accurate position feedback and complete connectivity with shift and throttle controls. 

Standard Trim Tab System

When it comes to a basic trim tab system, Dometic has redefined ease of use and practicality. Featuring an intuitive dial controller, it is simple to adjust the pitch and roll to get your boat on plane quickly and efficiently. A programmable favorites button makes for effortless operation. While an innovative, rugged design and auto-retract feature, ensure reliability and safety on the water, whatever the conditions.

Smart controller

  • Turn the dial in the direction you want to level the boat and the actuators will move quickly to get to the desired level
  • Single press bow up and bow down along with auto home makes it simple to get to your preferred boat planing position
  • Favorites button for easy access to previously set tab position makes planing easy

Engineered for durability

  • Rugged and stylish actuator housing, with simple two piece design that minimizes possible water ingress points
  • High torque DC motor
  • Rear seal in protected bushing area - wiper removes particles from shaft

Simple, intuitive control at your fingertips - and the precision that boaters demand.

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