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Dometic Coolmatic CR 50


A top quality fridge freezer for people who value style as well as first-class cooling performance.

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Product Highlights

Smart sturdy frame
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Smart sturdy frame

The smart and sturdy frame is built to withstand shocks and vibrations.

Open up
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Open up

Easy to open door.

Set your own temperature
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Set your own temperature

Vary the temperature as you wish and use energy efficiently.

Light the way
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Light the way

The fridge’s light helps you to find what you’re looking for.

Organized storage
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Organized storage

Spacious interior is well organized with shelves.

Patented dual locking system can also act as a vent.

Suitable for flush mounting – unit embedded into the wall! Luxurious and space saving.

Solar power – wherever there’s sun there’s power

Stainless steel look

Classic, premium design

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Dometic CR50, CR65, CR80, CR110, CR140 - Operating Manual APAC/EMEA(en-fr-es)

Installation and Operating Manual

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