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Paulina Eriksson

Paulina Eriksson is a young skateboarding photographer and model. Originally from Åhus in southern Sweden, she is now a global citizen.

Paulina caught the adventure bug early. “The ink on my high school graduation diploma had barely dried when I traveled to Malta where I lived, worked and experienced a completely different culture for three whole years. But the idea of exploring the world had already formed in my mind at fourteen. Even at that young age, I knew I wanted to live somewhere warm,” Paulina recalls.

Paulina Eriksson Dometic

Sweden is many things – beautiful, peaceful, well organized, sparsely populated – but warm isn’t an adjective that leaps to mind. At least not during those long, dark winter months. So after her Maltese adventure, it was time for Paulina to once again head for balmier latitudes. This time, the destination was California. “I moved to Los Angeles,” she explains, “and I quickly adapted to the lifestyle. While I was studying journalism at the local college, I used to surf and skate almost every day in between classes. After graduating, I started working for a surf school, doing all their social media, marketing and photography. Being so involved with the surf community, online and in real life, I saw all these people traveling around in their camper vans, just living life. So when I moved back to Europe, I figured that lifestyle would suit me.”

Paulina Eriksson Dometic

Back in Europe, Paulina found a van and hit the road. “It’s great,” she says, “I love the life. I can certainly see myself doing this for a while. Even when I finally settle somewhere, I’ll be heading out in the van on weekends. To make my mobile lifestyle a little more comfortable, I use a few Dometic products. Like the Coolfreeze CFX 28 and the EK 3200 gas cooker – and they do a great job.”

Paulina Eriksson Dometic

As a child of the technology revolution, Paulina is a digital native, completely at home with social media and connecting easily with like-minded individuals across the world. These skills stood her in good stead on a recent trip to Portugal. “We were in Lisbon when the van broke down. We didn't speak the language, had no idea where to go or who to call so I ended up messaging a girl I follow on Instagram for advice. Luckily, she had a friend who specializes in VW engines and after just half and hour he was able to come help us tow the van to his shop and lend us a car to use in the meantime. The same girl also invited us to stay at her place until our vehicle was fixed. We ended up celebrating New Year’s Eve with her and her friends and had a great time. It still blows my mind how social media can connect people from all over the world – and be so helpful in so many situations. I'm thankful for all the amazing people I've met and all the amazing places I've discovered through traveling and social media.”

Paulina Eriksson Dometic

If you want to keep with Paulina’s adventures, you can follow her on Instagram:

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