Nomination Committee

The annual shareholders' meeting on April 9, 2019, resolved to adopt the following principles for appointment of the Nomination Committee for the 2020 annual shareholders' meeting, in accordance with the Nomination Committee's proposal.

The nomination committee shall be composed of the chairman of the board of directors together with one representative of each of the three largest shareholders, based on ownership in the company as of August 31. Should any of the three largest shareholders renounce its right to appoint one representative to the nomination committee, such right shall transfer to the shareholder who then in turn, after these three, is the largest shareholder in the company. The board of directors shall convene the nomination committee. The member representing the largest shareholder shall be appointed chairman of the nomination committee, unless the nomination committee unanimously appoints someone else.

Should a shareholder having appointed a representative to the nomination committee no longer be among the three largest shareholders, the representative appointed by such shareholder shall resign and the shareholder who is then among the three largest shareholders shall have the right to appoint one representative to the nomination committee. Should a member resign from the nomination committee before his or her work is completed, the shareholder who has appointed such member shall appoint a new member, unless that shareholder is no longer one of the three largest shareholders, in which case the largest shareholder in turn shall appoint the substitute member. A shareholder who has appointed a representative to the nomination committee shall have the right to discharge such representative and appoint a new representative.

Changes to the composition of the nomination committee shall be announced immediately. The term of the office for the nomination committee ends when the next nomination committee has been appointed. The nomination committee shall carry out its duties as set out in the Swedish Code of Corporate Governance.


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