Hotel Equipment

The number one choice

You will find more Dometic minibars and safes than any other hotel equipment supplier in first-class hotels across the world. Why? Know-how accumulated over 45 years, a track record of innovation as well as leading hotel equipment design solutions are the three main reasons.

Our trendsetting and energy-efficient range of drawer minibars now includes the first ever A++ rated and noiseless miniBar (Dometic DM 20 drawer minibar).

The top of the line HiPromatic (automatic) and HiPro minibar come with Flex sensing technology, remote control temperature adjustment, lowest energy consumption for absorption minibars and unique features such as a self-diagnosis and CUC system.

In addition to minibars, Dometic offers a range of hotel room safes with unique features, including a TFT display, interior LED light as standard, anti tamper security and an ingenious mastercode system.

At your service

A miniBar from Dometic never rests. Silent-running and vibration-free (it has no moving parts), it caters discreetly to the needs of your guests – at any time of the day or night. It is also highly energy-efficient – hotel equipment which means it not only boosts customer satisfaction, but yours too.

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