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Pleated Blinds

Pleated Blinds

Contemporary pleated blind series for windows, doors, portlights and sun roofs

The Skysol range offers solutions for every application, including: inclines, complex shaped windows and even curved doors. Our classic pleated and honeycomb fabrics give a range of light control types, choose blackout for a good night's sleep, or sheer to create a relaxed ambience and cooler environment during daylight hours.

  • Retains heat in colder climates or blocks excessive heat in hot climates
  • Powered operation available with 12 V DC, 24 VDC or mains motors. Hand held remote, wall switch or integration into the control system
  • Low profile head rail for discrete look
  • Available with white, beige or grey hardware to suit yacht interior
  • Range of 20mm pleated fabrics in sheer, privacy and blackout types.
  • 16 shapes suitable for any window type
  • Suitable for inclines of any angle

  • Suitable for slim recesses
  • Suitable for inclines
  • Powered operation available for effortless control (24 V DC)
  • Hand held remote, wall switch or integration into the control system
  • Choice of manual control options
  • Choice of fabric types and colors
  • Available with white, beige or grey hardware

  • Discrete cording supports fabric whilst leaving a completely clear aperture
  • Pre-assembled, ready to install
  • Blackout and flyscreen for temperature and light control, plus insect-free comfort
  • Choose from pleated or honeycomb fabrics or use both in the same blind
  • Optional shaped 'fins' for curved front recesses commonly found on yachts.
  • Flyscreen fabric available

  • Suitable for slim recesses
  • Choice of fabric types and colors
  • Powered operation available with 12 V DC, 24 V DC or mains motors
  • Hand held remote, wall switch or integration into the control system
  • Available with white, beige or grey hardware
  • Suitable for inclines
  • No visible cording holes

  • Create a soft and warm interior lighting
  • It accommodates simple shapes
  • Selection of easy to use hold-down and hold-up options
  • Available in white, beige and light grey
  • Portlight frame-fix available
  • Available in standard sizes as well as custom design

  • Automatically retracts when released
  • Suitable for inclines
  • No guide wires or loose cords
  • Bottom fix hold downs available
  • Choice of classic pleat or honeycomb fabrics
  • Available with white or beige hardware
  • Standard sizes available as well as custom designs

  • Magnet hold prevents rattling noises
  • Minimal fabric stack when stowed
  • Lightweight makes it effortless to use
  • A range of privacy honeycomb fabrics
  • Perfectly suited to aft patio doors, including child safe design
  • Deploy and hold at any height

  • Dual fabric option available to combine privacy and blackout fabrics
  • Powder coated aluminium hardware for a stylish finish
  • Choice of privacy or blackout honeycomb fabrics
  • Moving rail controls the adjustable blind position
  • Available with coordinating handles
  • Suitable for use on curved windows

Convenience blind: an effective screen that adapts to your needs

Top down or bottom up opening, Softrollo blinds can be installed as required. The sleek single-cassette system blends neatly with any RV window. Darkening and fly screen can be adjusted individually, so air can always circulate freely. Softrollo blinds come in various colours and many sizes. If you don’t find the perfect size, they can be easily cut to size.

Pleated blinds – a snug fit for S7P series windows

Their delicately curved outside makes S7P windows an elegant choice for panel vans. Here is a snug-fitting blind that is easy to use with just one hand. Integrating a single pleated blind and a fly screen, it keeps prying eyes and insects out.

  • Darkening screen and fly screen protect privacy and keep out insects
  • Fits to S7P windows
  • Adjust with one hand to any position

Special blinds and fly screens: Have a wonderful day!

Soaring heat, glaring sun, bothersome insects or prying eyes – keep out everything that could spoil your day. Enjoy a perfect holiday or working day in your vehicle. Special blinds and fly screens from Dometic make sure you can.

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