Dometic S7P
Wall window, Top-Hung 1300x600

Extra side windows in the back are ideal for letting in natural light and creating a pleasant ambiance – especially useful when converting a panel van into a camper. This elegantly designed window does the job perfectly while also providing effective insulation and security.
  • Secure
  • Superbly insulating
  • Lightweight : 9104114692 Visit support page

Aluminium frame windows

Curvature radius of 5000 mm: the slightly curved outside makes Dometic S7P windows ideal for panel vans. Powder-coated aluminium profiles reduce the weight, guarantee excellent insulation and a high grade surface finish. Their unique design, combined with a matching blind system, makes the aluminium windows a genuine alternative to polyurethane windows.
Aluminium frame windows
Shut tight
Shut tight

Multi-locking system with friction hinges for secure closure

Dometic S7P
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    • Multilocking system provides security against intruders
    • Powder-coated profiles for outstanding insulation
    • Aluminum frame reduces the weight
    • Double dark-tinted acrylic glazing
    • Curvature radius of 5000 mm

"We got the truck ready to take us half way round the world. The extensive preparations included installing some windows from Dometic."

Akela World

Let there be light

This Dometic S7P wall window looks great with its elegant design and flush-fitting pane. Designed for panel vans with curved or planar contours, it offers an optional available matching blinds system that provides shade and privacy when necessary. The dark-tinted double acrylic glazing and powder-coated profiles of the lightweight aluminum frame ensure excellent insulation and a smart surface finish. The window's multi-locking system with friction hinges guarantees secure closure and protects your vehicle and its contents from intruders. A genuine alternative to polyurethane windows – let there be light!


SKU number 9104114692 
Model S7 Windows 
US Item Name DOM070165 
Model on label S7 Windows 
Scope of delivery S7 window 
Product Description Wall window, Top-Hung 1300x600 
Dimensions product height 24 11/16 "
Dimensions product width 52 4/16 "
Net weight 16.98 lbs
Positions variable Variable 
Dimensions ordered width 1300 mm
Dimensions ordered height 600 mm
Dimensions opening width 1250 mm
Dimensions opening height 550 mm