Chemicals & Consumables

Chemicals & Consumables


A range of biodegradable and bio-active tank treatments that work, naturally.

This smart and varied range of tank treatment works without the need for formaldehyde or harsh chemicals. Bio-active and biodegradable ingredients neutralise waste and odours naturally and provide long-lasting protection and treatments for your tank.


An eco-friendly and biodegradable roof cleaner that also extends the life of your RV roof.

The colour green is often associated with good things such as nature, ecology and depending on your outlook, money. A green roof on an RV, however is not such a good look. This range of roof cleaners removes the afore mentioned 'nature' in an environmentally-friendly way and will extend the life of your RV roof. Be clean, be green, yet not green, if you know what we mean.


For a professional shine without the elbow grease try Wash'n'Wax. Leaves nothing but a smile

Travelling around makes happy memories, but it also leaves a trail of mud, grime, grease and bugs all over your beloved vehicle. The spoils of nature you might say. Wash 'n' Wax is available in a variety of sizes, from personal use to commercial cleaning levels. It cleans, polishes and effortlessly removes grime to leave a shine worth showing off. (Take it with you).

Mobile living cleaner and maintanance products

Dometic's premium-quality cleaner and maintanance products assures the best environment for mobile living.