Spot-Free Rinse

Dometic SeaXchange + Spot Zero XZ-HD
4300GPD, Seawater and Freshwater Reverse Osmosis System

The Dometic SeaXchange + Spot Zero XZ-HD is the first of its kind in the realm of High Demand reverse-osmosis systems. It combines the well-known SeaXchange water maker and the even better known Spot Zero freshwater reverse-osmosis (RO) purification system in to one High Demand system. The higher demand SeaXchange system is capable of desalinating from 3600GPD to 5000GPD. The higher demand Spot Zero system can now produce up to 4000GPD of fresh ultra-pure water for your vessel by removing 94-99% of the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) and recovering up to 90% of its supply water. This purification process works with water maker and dock water, always providing you and your vessel with the best quality water possible.
  • One System
    Process Fresh and Seawater
  • Easy to use
    1-touch fully automatic
  • Powerful
    Up to 4,000 GPD of pure water : 9600008926 Visit support page + FAQ

Versatility and Innovation

Whether your boat is out at sea, cruising the lake, floating down the river, or tied up at the dock, you want to know you have plenty of pure water onboard. No matter the origin of the feed water — whether it is seawater, brackish water, freshwater, or dockside water — Dometic offers the most reliable and the most technologically advanced purification solutions to give you the highest quality of purified water achievable. Water that has been processed and purified with Dometic’s systems can be used for drinking, cooking, bathing, spot-free cleaning, and spot-free wash downs. Dometic’s water purification systems prevent chemical buildup in the vessel’s plumbing, and they extend the life of the vessel’s finishes. There is no need to carry bottled water on board!
Versatility and Innovation
Color touchscreen with graphical display for easy operation
Color touchscreen with graphical display for easy operation

Easy to use

High-capacity filters are changed less frequently
High-capacity filters are changed less frequently

Less Maintenance

Integrated sound shield minimizes pump motor noise
Integrated sound shield minimizes pump motor noise

Less Noise

Dometic SeaXchange + Spot Zero XZ-HD
...and more
    • Can purify up to 4000 GPD/15141 LPD of water
    • Just one system to process both freshwater and seawater without compromise
    • Easy one touch system is fully automatic for convenience
    • Integrated color touchscreen with graphical display
    • Includes a sound shield to minimize pump motor noise

Efficient seawater and freshwater purification

The Dometic XZ-HD is a fully automatic system with the backup reliability of a manual override for full redundancy and peace of mind. The built-in 7 in. (178 mm) color touch screen display with a marine-ready enclosure meets the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) 4X rating, which ensures resistance to corrosion, water and dust. Its color graphics are easy to read and understand. An optional remote LCD touch screen is also available. Providing true one-touch operation, proprietary programmable logic control (PLC) software monitors and regulates all system functions without operator intervention. You can relax onboard knowing your water production is optimized and ongoing. The XZ-HD systems are fully customizable to meet the specific volume needs of your vessel.


SKU number 9600008926 
Model Spot Zero SZ 
US Item Name 252403105 
Product Description 4300GPD, Seawater and Freshwater Reverse Osmosis System 
Dimensions parcel depth 58 "
Dimensions parcel height 46 "
Dimensions parcel width 42 "
Parcel weight 825 lbs
WARNING This product can expose you to chemicals including arsenic, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, go to


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