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Hotel Safes

State-of-the-art hotel safes, room safes and locker systems for your hotel
Hotel Safes

High-tech hotel security for guests

Our Premium Class proSafe provides the ultimate in hotel room security for guests. We have combined state-of-the-art technology and innovation to create a room safe that boasts features such as the unique iAudit and an anti-tampering system to ensure security on all levels. Despite its high-tech spec, operation is easy with the color display and integrated illuminated softtouch keypad.
  • Ample capacity – fits 17" laptops
  • Laser cut door for most secure storage
  • iAudit tracking system for easy and secure documentation of all operations
  • LED interior light for maximum visibility
  • Master key and master code emergency opening for easy operation by hotel staff
  • Dometic safe management (SAM) with anti tamper and REOS emergency opening system (optional)
  • Options: Left-handed hinged door opening
  • Ample capacity – fits most 15" laptops
  • Laser cut door for most secure storage
  • iAudit tracking system for easy documentation of all operations
  • Master key and master code emergency opening for easy operation by hotel staff
  • Dometic safe management (SAM) with anti tamper and REOS emergency opening system (optional)
  • Easy to reach inside
  • LED interior light makes all the safe contents visible at a glance
  • Enough room to fit laptop computers and tablets
  • Ideal for installation into existing Hotel room drawer
  • Stabilizer arm for smooth opening and closing of door

Tough, user-friendly safe that offers good value for money

Providing a secure place for valuables, the Standard Class safes give guests peace of mind while traveling. Robustly made with user-friendly operation features, these safes are the reliable room security option, and at a price that won’t break the bank.
  • Digital keypad with LED display
  • LED interior light for maximum visibility into the safe" as a second bullet point
  • Solid locking with 19 mm steel bolts
  • Reprogrammable configuration, four-digit guest code
  • Compact size is ideal for storing smaller guest valuables
  • Four AA (1.5 V) batteries (included), low-battery warning
  • Steel thickness: Body (2 mm); door and frame (5.0 mm)
  • Room to fit up to 17" laptops
  • Master key and master code opening
  • Audit trail stores all operations - for your own security and your insurance provider
  • LED interior light
  • Easy to use and intuitive operation
  • Motorized with automatic opening
  • Options: Left-handed hinge door opening
  • Enough room to fit laptop computers and tablets
  • Equipped with LED interior light
  • Secure and fast opening when guest is facing opening problems
  • Left and right hinge version available
  • Fixing kit (option)

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What goes into running a successful hospitality enterprise? Owners and managers need to ensure they deliver amenities worth raving about. Quality room safes are some of the most in-demand. Why?

Room Safes Improve Security

As a hospitality professional, some things are beyond your control. For instance, you can't stop someone from having a bad flight or getting lost. You can, however, ease their travel anxiety by offering features that make your guests feel at home. Today's intelligent safes give you the resources to provide upscale perks with greater ease.

If you are running a hospital or care home, you are in charge of vulnerable patients and residents, which often bring only a few of their most valuable possessions. You wouldn’t want to let ruthless thefts take advantage of them, which is why you should consider upgrading your facilities security with high-quality room safes.

Room Safes Spruce Up Your Facilities

Many hospitality owners overlook the surprising aesthetic benefits of technologically upgrading their facilities. Room safes enhance behind-counter reception spaces and rooms to make your business look more inviting. Thanks to their clean designs and contemporary stylings, these amenities mesh perfectly with any hospitality layout.

Attract Business Travellers With Room Safes

The laptop is the essential workhorse of today's startup jet setter. It's also one of the costliest possessions that people travel with. Hotels that furnish appropriately sized safes might find it much easier to capture these customers and their corporate credit cards. Your guests like staying connected, and the devices they use to do so take up space. Therefore installing generous safes with ample room for smartphones and tablets might help you win a few more 5-star reviews.

Dometic Room Safes Come With Handy Features

A safe should be more than a pure strongbox. Our leading models come with everything from master keys that let you manage emergencies to dashboards for detecting and preventing tampering. Some even make life simpler for guests by including internal device chargers and energy-efficient interior lighting.

All of Dometic's innovative safes are code-operated. By only having to worry about the master key that stays under your control, you stand a better chance of avoiding fraud. Our room safes also include ADA-compliant features for your guests: The backlit keypads improve visibility, and you can install your safe securely at any height to accommodate a wide range of visitors.

Dometic Room Safes – Your Best Bet

At Dometic, we focus on quality to give you superior hospitality options. We use a rigorously controlled manufacturing process to create durable security and cooling solutions that you and your guests or patients can rely on.

Dometic in-room lockboxes come in many styles and custom feature combinations to suit any purchasing budget. We're passionate about everything we create. From the sub-millimeter-precision laser cuts to the perfectly aligned bearings, every part of a Dometic safe is designed to come together flawlessly. We're proud to stand behind the results.