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Controls & Panels

Controls & Panels

Battery controllers: all’s well if the battery’s well

DC power is the lifeblood of your mobile activities, so it’s always good to know how the batteries are doing. PerfectControl battery controllers keeps you well informed at all times. A quick reassuring glance on the display is enough to have all important parameters under control.

  • Offers users full control over their batteries
  • Easy to use control panel displays all important battery parameters
  • Battery low warning prevents unexpected power problems
  • Can be upgraded with three additional battery sensors
  • CI bus interface for integration in complex power management systems
  • The ideal add-on for Dometic PerfectCharge battery chargers

  • Touch-button convenience
  • Battery charging by remote control
  • Sleep mode On/Off

  • Versatile unit controls and monitors your DSP-T inverter and MCA charger
  • Combine with battery sensor to view all relevant battery data
  • Conveniently indicates values such as power and voltage in addition to standard functions
  • Allows detailed customization of your inverter
  • Combine with MCA charger to control all energy products with one panel

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