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Sean Scott

The search for the perfect shot

For many visitors to this site, Sean Scott’s life reads like a dream. He follows not one passion but two – and, furthermore, he gets paid to do it. ”I live a privileged life, doing what I love doing with the people I love the most,” says Sean Scott.



As one of Australia’s best-known photographers, Sean travels all over the country (and abroad) to take pictures, which he sells to lovers of great photography all over the world both through his website and in several galleries on the Gold Coast in Queensland. “I’ve had a gallery for the last fifteen years, and I’m always on the move to get new photographs,” Sean explains. “I’ve enjoyed camping for as long as I can remember and have had caravans and camper trailers for the last 20 years or so. I love exploring new places to find great images.”



But what started out as a solo enterprise now often involves the family too. Sean’s wife, Diana, and their three children – daughter Katie, 14, and sons Reef, 12, and Sam, 10 – join him on his travels as often as possible. “When the family can come along, my life is perfect. To be able to share my passion with them is truly awesome,” says Sean. “Of course, when the kids are at school it’s more difficult, but during the holidays we get to spend a lot of time together.”



Luckily, Sean was able to share one of his most memorable experiences with his family. “One time we were heading to Red Bluff in Western Australia where the desert meets the Indian Ocean. It’s very rugged and spectacularly beautiful. But to get there we had to drive over 100 km on unsealed roads. When we arrived at the campground, which was just by the ocean, we saw something we’ll remember for the rest of our lives. There was a giant bait ball,* about the size of two football fields, just a few meters from the shore. Taking a closer look, we could see huge sharks feeding on the ball. We simply couldn’t believe it. For the next four hours, we were in awe as we observed around 300 huge sharks feeding right in front of us. I took stills and dispatched the drone. The footage it brought back went viral around the world. I was even interviewed on national television. We finally set up camp and spent a few days watching the wildlife and seeing the turquoise waves break and crash onto the beach. It was a magical time, we caught fish and squid and grilled them over an open fire,” recalls Sean.





Being a photographer has allowed Sean to explore his native Australia and given him rare insights into the country and its history. “Recently, I did a lot of work with Indigenous Tourism Operators in very remote outback locations in western Australia,” says Sean. It was amazing to photograph and work with the traditional owners of the land.

It’s something I am very passionate about and hope to do more of in the future. My family joined me on a few of these trips. We camped out in swags and caught mud crabs by hand and cooked them together with our guides. These are experiences money can’t buy. My kids have learned so much about the land and it’s something I’d like to see more Australians doing.”



On his journeys to some of the most inhospitable locations on earth, Sean always takes Dometic with him. “I’ve just built a brand new off-road caravan and it’s full of Dometic products. Fridges, air conditioning, windows, toilet, awnings, basically everything Dometic makes for caravans is in there and it looks incredible. ”



The new CFX3 is an integral part of the crew’s camping and touring trips. “Having a powerful, reliable, and very efficient fridge with us at all times has let us really make the most of every situation. When I am camping with my family and our caravan the CFX3 acts as a secondary fridge that stays in my 4WD for all of our away from camp adventures,” Sean explains. With the innovative fridge, the family enjoys cold, icy drinks and fresh food in unbelievable locations. “ It’s not uncommon to be set up on a beach for the day with the kids having ice-cold drinks as they need them and my wife and I having a glass of wine or a beer at sunset.” Thanks to the unique CFX3 technology, fresh food for healthy lunches on demand in Australia’s most remote locations is easy. They are able to focus on what matters thanks to the power to stay present provided by the CFX3.


Even when camping without the caravan, the CFX3 is the perfect companion. With fridge/freezer options and plenty of storage, it can hold enough supplies and fresh food for the family’s free camping missions. It can be powered by the new PLB30 and also has a solar panel to help keep things efficient when it isn’t charging along with the car. According to Sean, “The new CFX3 really has been the icing on the cake for enjoying my mobile living experience.”


* smaller fish forming a tightly packed ball to protect themselves from predators.

If you want to check out Sean's photos, visit his website