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Dometic MasterFlush MF 8120

Electric Macerator Toilet, Low Profile

Dometic MasterFlush 8100 Series Toilet (8112; 8116; 8152; 8156) - Installation Manual EMEA10

Installation Manual


Doc 20190425 FC MAC

Declarations of Conformity


Dometic 8100 - Operating Manual EMEA10

Operating Manual

Macerating Power

Macerating Power

Dometic macerator toilets are fitted with stainless steel blades, which churn waste to a fine effluent before it is transferred through a pipe to the holding tank. To make things easier when discharging the tank, the macerating process ensures even distribution of the waste when in use. The cutting wheel technology is the most efficient on the market, reducing the risk of a clogging and malodor troubles.

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