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Dometic Pro-Pedal

Pro-Pedal Foot Throttle and Adjustable Slider Plate

Driving a high speed bass boat often requires you to keep both hands on the wheel, so installing a foot throttle is ideal. The Pro-Pedal provides a comfortable operating experience for the driver and incorporates components that will greatly improve durability and reliability.

Art nr: 9130001431 (FT7000P)

WARNINGCancer or Reproductive Harm

Compact and flexible to ensure your comfort

Compact and flexible to ensure your comfort

Dometic's Pro-Pedal foot throttle meets the individual requirements of a boat driver. Offering significant advantages in terms of customization and comfort, its compact design keeps the boat floor uncluttered and allows for more room around the pedal. An integrated slide makes it easy to adjust the position of the pedal to suit different drivers.

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