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Dometic GO Hydration Water Faucet

Portable, Self-powered Water Faucet

Dometic’s HYD WF Hydration Water Faucet turns any water container into an outdoor kitchen faucet, letting you dispense only what you need with no waste. Pair with the HYD J11 Hydration Water Jug or another water container for running water whenever you need it.

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Product Highlights

Simple to Use
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Simple to Use

Transforms a water jug into a kitchen faucet with no external power necessary

Water-Conserving Switch
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Water-Conserving Switch

One-touch on/off button has automatic shutoff at 1 minute or 1 liter of water dispensed

Puck and Base Included
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Puck and Base Included

Puck for faucet placement and a magnetic base for use on other surfaces included

Transforms any water container into a running water system with no external power source required

Simple touch operation with automatic shutoff for water conservation and integrated LED light for nighttime/low-light use. Double tap to get the water pouring.

Includes puck for faucet placement and a magnetic base for using faucet on other surfaces

Large capacity battery dispenses 150L per charge

Rugged IPX4 construction of BPA-free, food grade materials

Designed to be used with Hydration Water Jug

Part of Dometic Go collection

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Model on label

Hydration Water faucet

Scope of delivery

Tap x 1 with hose and plug-in CPC fitting; USB charge cable, 2x metal mounting plates; 2x double sided self-adhesive stickers, Warranty card x1, Recycling electronic productsX1,Safety informationx1,user manual

Product Description

Portable, Self-powered Water Faucet

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Dometic Commons Household Devices Safety - Leaflet EMEA20



Dometic Hydration Water Faucet - Declaration of Conformity UKCA

Declarations of Conformity


Dometic HYD-WF - Operating Manual AMER, APAC, EMEA(zxx)

Operating Manual


Dometic Hydration Water Faucet - Declaration of Conformity

Declarations of Conformity


Dometic - Recycling of electronic products - Leaflet EMEA20


Fewer Bottles, Better World

Fewer Bottles, Better World

Want to create less plastic waste? Leave the single-use plastic water bottles on the store shelf and opt for the Hydration Water Faucet instead. It can be used with any water container, including our Hydration Jug for the exact amount of water you need, without wasting a drop. Rely on refillable water bottles you fill from this reservoir and you’ll never need a plastic one again. Quench your thirst while you save the planet. Everybody wins.

Running Water on The Go

Running Water on The Go

You probably take your kitchen faucet for granted when you’re home but having one available when you’re on the go is a game-changer. The Hydration Water Faucet is designed to make water dispersing a snap, letting you pour out just what you need and not a drop more. At the campsite, you can choose just enough to wet your toothbrush or fill a cooking pot with the touch of a button, with no waste. After your first trip, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

An Extra Hand

An Extra Hand

Need to fill your cooking pot? Wish you could just set it down and walk away? Now you can. Turn the Hydration Water Faucet on for a steady stream of water that shuts off automatically after one minute or one liter of water, to prevent waste. It’s an extra hand when you need one to make food prep and clean-up easier, and a simple way to make the most of the water you bring along for your adventure.

Jug & Faucet Cleaning Routine

Jug & Faucet Cleaning Routine

Maintain your water jug and faucet effortlessly with our foolproof cleaning process. Keep your hydration system in impeccable condition by following these straightforward steps: Clean the water jug using mild soap, fill it with hot water (Max 135°F), add unscented bleach, and run the hot water through the faucet for a thorough cleanse. Let the bleach solution sit for 15-30 minutes to disinfect. Disconnect the faucet, let the pump run dry, and enjoy a fully sanitized water system. As for the water jug, remove the caps, hand wash with mild soap, rinse with bleach water, air dry, and reassemble for a hassle-free hydration experience.

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