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Effortless control on the water

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The ultimate steering experience

The incredible feeling you get when you’re behind the wheel of a boat equipped with Optimus EPS is the result of an innovative array of technology and engineering. Each component has been designed to complement the other, resulting in a seamless experience of steering control in virtually every situation on the water.

For centuries, people have been steering boats by brute force. While cable steering, and more recently hydraulics, have made steering easier, the prime mover is still the arms and hands of the captain at the wheel. But all of that has changed. Dometic revolutionizes boat handling with Optimus Electronic Power Steering (EPS) for single, twin, triple & quad outboard, inboard & sterndrive engine boats.

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Outboard all-electric

The all-electric Optimus EPS is ideally suited for all single, twin, triple & quad outboard engine boats.

  • Electronic and mechanical controlled
  • Single and multi-helm station boats
  • Performance powerboats, bay boats, center console, saltwater fishing vessels, RIBS, catamarans, houseboats & pontoon boats

Inboard electro-hydraulic

Perfect for most single and twin inboard engine boats – electronic and mechanical controlled.

  • Single, twin & triple helm station yachts
  • Competition ski boats, cruisers, sportfishing yachts, performance motor yachts, express convertibles & sport yachts

Sterndrive electro-hydraulic

Suited for most single and twin sterndrive engine boats – electronic and mechanical controlled.

  • Most single, twin & triple helm station yachts
  • Competition ski boats, cruisers & sport fishing yachts

Optimus EPS catalog

Download the Optimus EPS Catalogue to discover the full capabilities of the Dometic Seastar steering system, along with further technical and product details.


Next level steering

SeaStar Outboard E-Actuator

Optimus all-electric EPS is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced when it comes to steering and offers a whole new level of control. Available for outboard motors, our steering e-actuator offers system reliability and effortless operation.

Why go all-electric?

  • Simple to install
  • Easy to maintain
  • Compatible with Optimus Helm, CANtrak display & 360 Joystick
  • Similar in size to the tournament Optimus cylinder
  • Compatible with drive by wire autopilot systems from Garmin, SIMRAD & Raymarine
  • Adjustable speed sensitive turns lock to lock
  • Adjustable speed sensitive wheel effort
  • Ackerman steering (ideal for pontoon & catamarans)
  • Compatible with NMEA 2000
  • NMMA, ABYC, CE, ISO, and SAE electrical & environmental requirements


A seamless experience

Optimus EPS inboard smart cylinder

Optimus EPS for Inboard & Sterndrive applications is offered for boats 40-100 feet, 40-60 feet, and under 40 feet. Various configurations allow unsurpassed customization, offering a totally comfortable steering experience.

Why go electro-hydraulic?

  • Individual rudder control allowing for Ackerman and Toe-in/Toe-out configurations
  • Multiple levels of redundancy using a fault-tolerant CAN network
  • RINA Certification for Optimus 5000 Series
  • Up to three helm stations
  • Automatic battery management with sensing, warnings & best battery selection
  • On-demand hydraulic steering pump minimizing power consumption
  • Rugged electronics for 24 VDC applications
  • Color dash display showing rudder command and rudder position
  • The display provides system setup interface


Optimus 360 integrates with the outboard Optimus EPS system and gives your boat a whole new dimension of control. By developing the joystick function to be intuitive, Optimus 360 allows you to move your boat not only forward and back, but also sideways, by pushing the joystick to the left, or right, and even rotate on a dime, all with simple twist of the joystick.

Optimus 360 joystick for outboard applications

Optimus 360 is designed for low-speed maneuvering, and excels best in the marina, when pulling in and out of your slip, or when docking. Intelligent programming minimizes the amount of shifting required to complete a maneuver.

  • An intuitive joystick control system
  • Steering/shift/throttle control system is engineered for powerboats with electronic shift and throttle engines, allowing you to use the existing electronic controls
  • Connects to the existing control head with closed-loop processing, providing a very seamless integration
  • Available as a retrofit or for new engine installation


Innovative and intuitive integrated trim tab system

Dometic Trim Tabs

Dometic Trim Tabs systems reinvent what trim tabs do by being more intuitive. Our robust and sophisticated design provides exceptional strength and reliability. With full integration to our Optimus Joystick and EPS steering systems, Dometic Trim Tabs complete the package.


Trim Tab Controller Dial


Trim Tab Actuator, 2.25" Stroke, Regular


Trim Tab Actuator, 4.25" Stroke, Regular

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