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Explore PLB15 – our new lightweight, portable lithium power bank

A hand holding Dometic PLB15 battery
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Plug & Play

The Dometic PLB15 is a highly efficient 15Ah Lithium Iron Phosphate battery that can provide up to 192Wh at 12V, making it a reliable source of power for your portable electronic devices, such as cool boxes, laptops, cellphones, cameras, drones and many other. Its lightweight and compact design make it an ideal power source for one-day outdoor activities, giving you true independence from the grid.


PLB15 Charge everything

Charge everything

12V output, a USB-C output, and a USB-A output, allowing you to charge multiple devices.

PLB15 Monitor power status

Monitor power status

LED indicators, easily monitor the Dometic PLB15’s level of charge.

PLB 15 Bright torch light

Bright torch light

Useful when you need some extra illumination in the dark.

A Dometic PLB15 charging a phone
    Power your outdoors

    with PLB15

    Dometic CFX3 45

    Dometic CFX3 45

    Mobile compressor cooler, 46 l

    849 €
    Dometic GO Hydration Water Faucet
    Dometic GO Hydration Water Faucet

    Dometic GO Hydration Water Faucet

    Portable, Self-powered Water Faucet

    89 €
    Dometic CFX3 55IM

    Dometic CFX3 55IM

    Mobile compressor cooler with ice maker function, 53 l

    1 049 €
    Dometic PLB15 Portable Battery

    Dometic PLB15 Portable Battery

    Portable Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery with Flashlight, 15Ah

    279 €
    Dometic Gale 12V Pump

    Dometic Gale 12V Pump

    Electric pump

    89,50 €
    Dometic GO Camp Heater

    Dometic GO Camp Heater

    Personal Camp Heater, Adjustable Heat

    69 €
    Dometic GO Area Camp Light

    Dometic GO Area Camp Light

    Multi-use outdoor light, 8 colours

    99 €

    PLB15 One battery endless possibilities


    The Dometic PLB 15 can be discharged and charged simultaneously, making it ideal for powering devices like a cool box. For example, when connected to your vehicle with a compressor cool box, the PLB 15 ensures that the cool box remains powered even after the vehicle is turned off.

    It can maintain your Dometic CFX35 for approximately 23 hours at 5 degrees if pre-cooled.


    A man carrying PLB15 battery

    Best Li-Ion Battery for Outdoor and Everyday Use

    Whether you’re on an outdoor adventure or at home, the PLB15 ensures your portable electronic devices like powered coolers, laptops, mobile phones, cameras, and drones stay powered up. Experience the ultimate power bank, designed for adventurers and everyday use.  

    Top Portable Charger for Any Occasion

    Stay powered up with the Dometic PLB15, the best portable charger for any occasion. Featuring advanced Li-Ion technology, the PLB15 provides reliable energy for your Dometic powered coolers and other devices. With its lightweight and compact design, the PLB15 is perfect for camping, hiking, or everyday use, ensuring you never run out of juice. 

    The Ultimate Li-Ion Power Bank

    Looking for the best power bank? The Dometic PLB15 with advanced Li-Ion technology guarantees efficient and long-lasting power for all your portable devices. Ideal for outdoor adventures and daily use, the PLB 15 offers unparalleled performance and usefulness, making it the ultimate portable charger for your gadgets. 

    Reliable Li-Ion Battery & Power Bank for Every Need

    Choose the Dometic PLB15 for unmatched reliability and convenience. Perfect for adventurers, outdoor enthusiasts, and anyone seeking reliable power on the go, the PLB 15 offers powerful performance and quick charging capabilities. The PLB15 is the best portable charger to keep your devices ready for any activity, giving you true independence regardless of your outdoor pursuits.