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Rooftop Tents

Premium rooftop tents for explorers of the great outdoors

Experience car camping freedom

Wherever your adventure leads you, our rooftop tents have you covered from sea to summit. Hit the road, find the perfect spot and make camp under the stars. Dometic powered rooftop tents incorporate innovative design and premium materials, paired together for maximum outdoor performance. So what's holding you back? Get out there, stay the night and experience more.

Photo: Carl Arvedson

Get out there

Are you thinking of buying a rooftop tent? Explore the advantages

Easy set up and access

Make camp in seconds thanks to powered 12 V operation or smart Air Frame technology and enter and exit with the lightweight telescopic aluminum ladder

Stay in comfort

A peaceful night’s sleep for 2 people is guaranteed with the 5 cm thick, high-density foam mattress

Keep insects out

Four double layered mesh windows keep insects out without compromising internal airflow

Built to last

The waterproof, ripstop polyester flysheet provides reliable protection from all elements

Fits most cars

The rooftop tents can be mounted on most cars with installed racks, and can be taken on and off as you like

Be spontaneous

With a rooftop tent you can park and set up camp anyhere, anytime you like and get closer to nature

Stay the night

Dometic TRT 140 AIR

Inflatable rooftop tent 28 999 kr

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"Dometic has been bringing camping and adventuring back into my life! This remote control rooftop has to be one of my favorites for sure."⁠


@oweright, Owen Wright, Professional Surfer

Photo: Carl Arvedson



"The tent has opened up an entire new world for me… it’s simplicity and comfort are of course the obvious aspects that add deeply to an adventurous lifestyle. But waking up to new views everyday; whether it be deep in nature, or at a charge point just to get some shuteye, makes everyday that little bit more… alive"


@freddiemeadows, Professional Surfer

Dometic TRT120E Forest

Rooftop 4WD tent, 12 V. 18 408 kr

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"I really like to use the rooftop tent for my daily trips between training and having adventures with my boyfriend, and I feel at home when the tent is open on my roof car. It's really easy to set up especially when my program is about following the weather forecast conditions for my outdoor passions!"


Marion Haerty, Snowboard Freedride World Champ' x4 @marion_haerty

Photo: Mathis Dumas

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Photo: Mathis Dumas
Photo: Mathis Dumas
Photo: Carl Arvedson
Photo: Carl Arvedson
Photo: Carl Arvedson