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Lithium ion battery, 100 Ah

For energy storage that's far superior to commonly used batteries: this lithium ion battery gives five times more charging cycles, is up to 60 % lighter in weight and compact in size, too. No maintenance, and no sulphate build-up either. Instead, sensationally fast charging: 2–3 h on the mains hook-up or generator is enough to bring the lithium ion battery back to full capacity.

Art nr: 9102900224
Easy integration

Dometic eSTORE gives you all the benefits of the state-of-the-art lithium-ion battery technology: super-fast charging, light weight, space-saving design. Moreover, this superior power pack is an expert communicator.It comes standard with all commonly used interfaces (CIBus, Modbus) for convenient integration in modern BUS systems and Dometic’s proprietary energy management system.

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