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Dometic PerfectPower DCC 2424-10

Charging converter 24 V to 24 V, 10 A

This DC charging converter ensures that the leisure battery is optimally charged during the drive at all times – so you will never end up with an empty battery when you arrive at your destination. Highly recommendable for modern EURO 6 vehicles with smart alternators. And also for vehicles where the cable cross section is too small to supply the connected devices.

Art nr: 9600003752

Product Highlights

Perfectly fits your battery
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Perfectly fits your battery

Easily adjustable DIP switches adapt to most battery types

Extend battery life

Extend battery life

PerfectCharge DCC charging converters ensure that leisure batteries are optimally charged while driving. This prevents sulphate build-up – the main cause of premature failure of all lead batteries – and significantly extends the service life. Featuring advanced IU0U charging technology, PerfectCharge DCC charging converters have enough power to give batteries a proper charge even on short stretches. On longer journeys, they guarantee a full charge, without the risk of overcharging.

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