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Dometic TEC 29

Petrol generator

This 2.6 kW petrol generator gives you 230 V AC whenever mains power is unavailable. Compact and lightweight, it operates quietly and very efficiently. The clean sine wave voltage it provides makes it suitable for sensitive electronic devices.

Art nr: 9102900200
Comfortable climate when mains power is unavailable

Travelling off the beaten track with all the comfort you are accustomed to – Dometic generators make it possible. They ensure reliable power supply wherever mains power is unavailable. This makes them a must-have accessory for outdoor enthusiasts striving for maximum freedom and independence. Geared to the needs of camping enthusiasts, the TEC 29 petrol generator ensures self-sufficient operation of all Dometic RV air conditioners. Naturally, it will supply other gadgets too. Outstanding benefits: lightweight, efficient operation with reduced noise and odour emission.

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