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  • Dometic launches Optimus 3000 Series electric steering for wide variety of inboard powered boats
Dometic launches Optimus 3000 Series electric steering for wide variety of inboard powered boats

Dometic launches Optimus 3000 Series electric steering for wide variety of inboard powered boats

Litchfield, IL – December 14, 2023. Dometic expands its inboard electric steering solution with its new Dometic Optimus 3000 Electric Steering System, specifically designed to meet the load capacity and handling needs of many styles of inboard boats up to 40-feet in length.

Dometic Optimus 3000 Electric Steering System

Dometic is taking even further step into electrification of marine steering system and introduced the new Optimus 3000 Series Electric Steering System for single and twinrudder inboard powered vessels, bringing faster steering response, precision control and exclusive steering intelligence to single- and dual-rudder inboard powered vessels.

This innovative 12V steering solution can be used with inboard yachts, cabin cruisers, catamarans and sportfishing yachts, providing electric alternative for broader range of boats. It is also an ideal solution for today’s evolving new breed of electric propulsion
vessels, due to addressing sustainability in its design and manufacture.

Based on Dometic’s proven and reliable electric power steering technology, the Dometic Optimus 3000 Series delivers a wide range of features including effortless, smooth steering at all speeds, zero free play at the helm, instant steering response and a predictable steering feel that is the same from port to starboard.

Dometic’s electric steering actuator and helm work together to provide steering comfort and a confident feeling of control during all types of boating activities. The state-of-the-art electronic helm can automatically adjust wheel turns and steering effort based on vessel
speed. The number of turns lock-to-lock varies from 3.5 to 8.5 based on speed and application. Steering parameters can also be set by the installer to match user preference and vessel handling characteristics, using the simple color LCD CANtrak display.

This system is designed and built for the harsh marine environment, with a fully sealed controller integrated into the actuator and Dometic’s reliable and efficient planetary roller screw technology.

Installation has been simplified with only four components making up the system: the electronic actuator, CANtrak display, wiring harness and the electronic helm. It can easily be adapted for single helm vessels or inboard boats with up to three helm stations
— making it practical for a wide variety of uses both recreational and professional.
The Dometic Optimus 3000 Series can also be easily networked with other compatible vessel components, such as a third-party autopilots.

A breakthrough in the realm of marine products, this steering system excels in electrification and sustainability, featuring a fluid-free design, low power consumption as well as less total weight with a commitment to environmental responsibility that leads
the industry.

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