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Dometic MK 140

Fuse box with transformer

This fuse box with integrated 12 V transformer allows you to use 230 V and 12 V devices at the same time. Ideal for your caravan, RV or campervan, as soon as the external power supply is established, the integrated transformer takes over the supply of the 12 V devices and switches off the battery. Approved for continuous operation, cannot be used as a charger.

Art nr: 9600027036

Automatic switchover from battery to transformer operation (priority circuit) saves vehicle battery

Double-pole, automatic fuse for mains connection

Strain relief for cable fastening available on the device

Circuit breaker and temperature-dependent overload switch

Automatic fuse for the transformer

Phono screen and LED display

Automotive plug-in fuses for 12 V outputs

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Fuse box with transformer



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