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Dometic SinePower VS 230

Mains priority circuit for sine wave inverters

This mains priority circuit was designed for all Dometic SinePower sine wave inverters that do not incorporate this useful feature as standard but are prepared for retrofitting. It makes the inverter switch over to mains supply as soon as an external mains power source is available. This saves precious battery power.

Art nr: 9600000324
Upgrade your inverter

Upgrade your inverter

The VS 230 mains priority circuit is a useful optional accessory to upgrade the lower wattage models in the PerfectPower PP series (150 to 550 W). It automatically switches the inverter over to mains supply as soon as your RV or boat is connected to an external mains power source, e.g. at a campsite or in a marina. The power jumbos in the PerfectPower PP range offer this comfort feature as standard. Also suitable for MSI inverter without mains priority switch, the bigger MSI1800T 2300T and 3500T already have an integrated mp switch

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